A technical center is coming soon to help fight the police

cyber crime

1 December 2018, New Delhi : To improve the police system in the capital, the IIT-Delhi is setting up a center for the technology and police center. It will assist Delhi Police in Cyber-Pocketing, Social Media Analysis and Image Processing.

Now a new breed of technology-savvy criminals uses new and more innovative ways to commit cyber crime. This has become a technical challenge for the police. Ranjan Bose, director of IIT Delhi, said, “In the hyper-connected world of tomorrow, it is difficult to imagine ‘computer crime’ and maybe any crime, which does not include electronics evidence related to Internet Protocol Connectivity.”

The institute also said that Delhi Police is actively exploring the possibility of modernizing its operations and using state-of-the-art technology to fight crime and manage the law system. Therefore it has become important to operate research organizations, universities and private organizations who are working in special areas such as engineering, technology, law and public policy.

Bose said, “This special center will provide Delhi Police the opportunity to use technology for ‘smart policing’ by using AI and other new equipment. The Center will also start some courses to teach police practice and testing technology for future students.

World-class Researcher Center will also increase the reality to solve technical issues faced by bio-metrics, image processing, data and network forensics, social network analysis, cyber surgery, wireless communication and law enforcement personnel.

The idea is to research and develop technology and programs with the use of IT cutting.
The Center will train personnel to gain knowledge in using latest equipment and techniques to assist other aspects of police such as traffic management, disaster management, urban crime and terrorism. The center is likely to be launched on December 4.