AAEON to Host Live Edge AI Solution Demonstrations at NVIDIA GTC


AAEON, an industry-leading provider of edge AI solutions, will present live demonstrations of its extensive line of edge AI solutions powered by NVIDIA Jetson systems-on-module during NVIDIA GTC, a global conference for the era of AI

Date: March 18 – 21, 2024

Booth: #335

Venue: San Jose Convention Center, CA

As a sponsor of the conference, which offers over 900+ sessions, 300+ exhibits, and 20+ workshops from industry leaders in the AI space, AAEON highlights upcoming products from its range of embedded Box PCs featuring modules from across the entire NVIDIA Jetson Orin lineup, including three live  demonstrations of its systems at work. 

The centerpiece of AAEON’s demonstrations at the event will be a diagnostic imaging application featuring the BOXER-8641AI, illustrating 275 TOPS of inferencing performance available for AI inspection in medical anomaly screening via the tools offered by the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin module. 

Demonstrating AAEON use of NVIDIA developer software will be a live demo using the BOXER-8646AI, most well-known for its expansive 12 PoE and one 10G LAN support, which will run NVStreamer software. This demonstration will illustrate the advanced video processing and analytics the NVIDIA software tool makes available to AAEON customers when deploying their systems for settings such as public transit. 

AAEON’s final live demonstration will utilize the BOXER-8651AI, which makes use of the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, to explore the ways that SecEdge’s EmSPARK Security Suite, integrated into NVIDIA Jetson hardware, can offer comprehensive security for data on the edge using anti-cloning, software verification, advanced encryption, and secure cloud integration. 

Alongside these live demonstrations, AAEON will have a number of its systems featuring modules from across the NVIDIA Jetson Orin lineup on display, including the BOXER-8645AI, which combines the inferencing power of the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin module with support for up to eight GMSL2 cameras. Other featured products include the BOXER-8622AI and its predecessor, the BOXER-8621AI, which received the Taiwan Excellence Award upon its 2021 release. This combination will illustrate AAEON’s continued dedication to bringing its customers generational improvements in embedded solutions, powered by NVIDIA technology.

The greatly anticipated BOXER-8642AI, expected to enter mass production in Q2, will also be shown. This product targets the smart retail market, as the system’s NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin module grants it exceptionally accurate object detection capabilities, paired with a broad interface that supports the integration of up to six 3D cameras. 

“We welcome the opportunity to showcase at NVIDIA GTC how AAEON utilizes NVIDIA technologies to produce real-world, value-adding solutions for different markets,” said Alex Hsueh, Associate Vice President of AAEON’s Smart Platform Division. “We hope to display how our product roadmap integrates NVIDIA’s transformative technologies and show developers, system integrators, and subject-matter experts how they can benefit by integrating edge AI to their solutions,” Hsueh added.