Advait Infratech & Carbon Tech Energy Collaborating for Innovation


CarbonTechnology Energy (CTE) and Advait Infratech Limited (AIL) have embarked on a pioneering venture to transform the fuel cell and electrolyser industry. This collaboration focuses on developing a prototype fuel cell using carbon-based plates instead of the conventional bimetallic or graphite plates. This initiative is a result of extensive discussions and mutual agreement to leverage each other’s technical expertise for energy-efficient solutions.

In the initial phase, CTE and AIL will work together to develop a prototype fuel cell. The success of this prototype will pave the way for further development and manufacturing initiatives. The products to be manufactured under this collaboration include stacks of carbon-based plates for fuel cells, stacks for electrolysers, and advanced electrolysers.

CTE will bring its extensive expertise in developing carbon-based plate solutions and a business model for commercial scalability. AIL will contribute its skills in providing detailed designs and specifications for fuel cells and electrolysers, with a focus on maximizing the distribution of carbon-based plate stacks.

The second phase of the collaboration will concentrate on the commercial manufacturing of carbon-based plates for fuel cells and electrolysers. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable and efficient energy solutions. The synergy between CTE and AIL is expected to foster innovation and set new benchmarks in the energy sector.