AeroGCS Enterprise Powers Massive Drone Spraying Across 30 Lakh Acres in 12 Indian States


Passenger Drone Research Ltd (PDRL), a software product company operating as a SaaS platform, has partnered with Drone Destination, India’s leading Drone-as-a-Service provider, for the adoption of AeroGCS Enterprise Platform to streamline its drone-spraying analytics. This move comes as Drone Destination receives a significant order for drone-based spraying from IFFCO, spanning a massive 30 lakh acres of agricultural land.

Given the vast scale of this operation, billing based on acreage presents a considerable challenge. AeroGCS Enterprise Platform, a cloud-based solution from PDRL, is designed to address these complexities by providing real-time analytics as soon as drone flights are completed. This powerful platform is capable of monitoring thousands of drones simultaneously, allowing for real-time acreage calculations and comprehensive performance monitoring.

“We are delighted to partner with Drone Destination for this groundbreaking project,” said Anil Chandaliya, CEO of PDRL. In recent years, India’s agricultural sector has witnessed a massive transformation with the integration of drone technology. Numerous forecasts also indicate that drones will play a pivotal role in the future of agriculture, offering benefits from precision farming to crop monitoring and pest control, essential tools, revolutionizing traditional farming practices and driving productivity and sustainability. We have validated our technology and are confident in its ability to handle large-scale drone operations.”

Chirag Sharma, MD & CEO of Drone Destination said, “As India’s foremost Drone-as-a-Service provider, we are thrilled to partner with PDRL on this initiative. Our diverse applications and impact on the agriculture sector aim to leverage technology to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and scalability.”

With AeroGCS Enterprise Platform, Drone Destination can effortlessly calculate acreage and other key metrics, providing IFFCO with accurate billing information and performance reports. AeroGCS GREEN, the software for drone flight operations, will be used as ground control stations software for all drones in this project, and data from the drones will be synchronized with AeroGCS Enterprise in real time during flight.

India’s agricultural landscape covers approximately 40 crore acres, indicating a significant opportunity for scaling drone-based spraying operations. Industry experts predict that the drone spraying market in India could reach $4 billion in the next few years, highlighting the potential for growth in this sector.

“We are thrilled to be part of this transformative journey with Drone Destination,” said Vishal Dharankar, CTO of PDRL. “Our Enterprise Platform is built to handle large-scale drone operations, and we’re eager to support the development of the drone spraying market in India.”