Aerotech invests in South Korean production facility


Aerotech, the  manufacturer of high-performance motion control and positioning systems,  continues to grow and is also expanding its partnerships around the globe.  A partnership with the South Korean specialist for UV laser systems ANI  Motion Tech Ltd has been in place since 2017. A joint venture is now being  further intensified and will be accompanied by the construction of a new  production and research facility. This will be located in the up-and-coming  international business complex in Songdo City.  

Songdo is one of the world’s first smart cities and was built in the South Korean free  trade zone of Incheon on six square kilometres of land reclaimed from the Yellow Sea.  The planned city is a centre of attraction for numerous high-tech, biotechnology and  research companies that support each other and collaborate in cluster networks. The  future facility, owned and operated by ANI Motion Tech, will be part of the Knowledge  and Information Industrial Complex there and will mainly manufacture precision  motion control and automation equipment for the semiconductor and display market.  Construction is scheduled to begin in March 2024.  

Aerotech President Dr Robert Novotnak emphasises: “Our investment in ANI Motion Tech is also an investment in the future of Aerotech. Through our joint growth, we  are increasing our production and sales capacities. The expansion of our presence in

South Korea also strengthens our position as an experienced provider of automation  and motion control solutions worldwide.” 

Aerotech has been known since the 1970s for its high-precision and high-performance  motors, drives, controls and positioning tables. The manufacturer, which has a  German subsidiary in Fürth, has also been developing customised motion subsystems  such as positioning systems on granite structures with a base frame and vibration  isolation as well as external measuring systems for some time now. Aerotech is also  increasingly acting as an automation partner, supplying fully integrated systems in  close consultation with customers. The motion control experts’ products are used  wherever high throughput with precision performance is required – including medical  technology and life science applications, semiconductor and flat screen production,  photonics, automotive, data storage, laser processing, aerospace, electronics  manufacturing, as well as inspection and testing through to assembly.