ams OSRAM IR LEDs OSLON Black & SYNIOS P2720 now also available in 920 nm


ams OSRAM is introducing a variant with a wavelength of 920 nm for its well-known infrared (IR) LED product series OSLON Black and SYNIOS P2720. 

The well-known IR LED product series OSLON Black and SYNIOS P2720, which are used particularly in industry, are now also available with a wavelength of 920 nm. The technologies are particularly useful in the areas of biometrics (e.g. 2D face recognition) and consumer (e.g. smart doorbell). Brighter IR illumination at the optimal wavelength of 920 nm allows the IR camera to see a better image of a person. In order for this to be successful, the necessary compromise between sensor sensitivity and reddish glow is optimized accordingly.

The new variant of the product series is therefore particularly suitable for customers who work on camera-based lighting systems and are looking for the ideal compromise between an 850 nm and a 940 nm high power IR LED.