AnexGATE Redefines Cybersecurity Standards with Advanced Threat Management


AnexGATE’s flagship products and cloud-based services are revolutionizing cybersecurity with innovative approaches to threat management and secure connectivity. Hitesh Dharmdasani, CTO, highlights the company’s proactive strategies in safeguarding organizations against evolving cyber threats through comprehensive and tailored solutions.

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TimesTech: How do AnexGATE’s flagship products redefine industry standards in threat management and secure connectivity?

Mr Hitesh: AnexGATE’s flagship products and cloud-based services collectively redefine industry standards in threat management and secure connectivity by offering a comprehensive and innovative approach to cybersecurity.

At the forefront of our offerings is AnexGATE USG (Unified Gateway Security), an on-premises solution that integrates advanced security features such as web filtering, intrusion prevention, firewall, and antivirus software. This comprehensive platform empowers enterprises to proactively identify and neutralize a wide range of cyber threats in real-time, setting a new benchmark for proactive threat management in the industry.

Furthermore, AnexGATE ACE (Distributed Network design) addresses the challenge of ensuring secure connectivity across dispersed networks, particularly in the era of cloud computing and remote work. By employing a distributed network design, AnexGATE ACE optimizes traffic throughput and facilitates secure communication between network nodes, reshaping industry standards for secure communication while maintaining stringent security protocols.

Complementing our on-premises offerings are our cloud-based solutions, AnexHUB which includes AnexDNS and AnexSPOT.   AnexHUB serves as a centralized platform for network management, enabling businesses to effectively oversee their network infrastructure from a single interface. With features like configuration management, automated alarms, and real-time monitoring, AnexHUB enhances operational effectiveness and simplifies network administration. AnexSPOT, integrated within AnexHUB, provides cloud-managed secure hotspot solution with several uses for places and businesses that provide Wi-Fi as a service. The system can be fully customized according to your organization’s requirements. Additionally, it has the ability to limit bandwidth usage and block malicious content off the web.

Meanwhile, AnexDNS, now a component of AnexHUB, enhances threat detection and mitigation capabilities by blocking malicious domains and preventing access to dangerous websites. Leveraging threat information feeds and machine learning algorithms, AnexDNS ensures a safer browsing experience for users and sets industry standards for DNS security.

Thus provide a holistic approach to cybersecurity and connectivity. By offering comprehensive threat management and secure connectivity solutions, we set new industry standards, empowering organizations to navigate today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape with confidence and resilience.

TimesTech: Could you share Mr. Hitesh Dharmdasani’s key contributions and expertise in cybersecurity, considering his role as the CTO and founder of NetSense Cybersecurity?

Mr Hitesh: As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of AnexGATE and the founder of NetSense Cybersecurity, Mr. Hitesh brings a wealth of expertise and contributions to the field of cybersecurity. With a focus on building comprehensive security architectures, he spearheads the development of end-to-end solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of customers across various industries. Leveraging his background in both on-premises and cloud-based offerings, he ensures that AnexGATE and NetSense deliver cutting-edge products and services to safeguard organizations from evolving cyber threats. While the threat universe is ever evolving, Hitesh’s extensive experience, including his tenure as a Security Researcher with FireEye in the United States, underscores his deep understanding of cybersecurity challenges and solutions. His responsibilities at FireEye included Android Malware Reverse Engineering, developing mechanisms for identifying malicious apps, and analyzing threats using email vectors. This hands-on experience helps him define a strategic approach to developing robust security solutions that address emerging threats effectively. Furthermore, Hitesh’s academic background, which includes an MS in Information Security and Assurance from George Mason University and a bachelor’s degree in computer science, provides him with a strong foundation in cybersecurity principles and practices. As an active member of the Centre for Evidence-based Security Research (CESR), he remains at the forefront of industry advancements, particularly in areas such as machine learning (ML) and the economics of cybercrime. Hitesh’s leadership at AnexGATE and NetSense Cybersecurity reflects a commitment to innovation, excellence, and proactive protection against cyber threats. His holistic approach to cybersecurity, coupled with a dedication to staying up to date of emerging technologies, positions both companies as leaders in the cybersecurity landscape, empowering organizations to navigate today’s digital challenges with confidence.

TimesTech: What strategies does AnexGATE employ to address unique cybersecurity challenges in India, especially in terms of building threat intelligence?

Mr Hitesh: AnexGATE employs a comprehensive strategy to tackle unique cybersecurity challenges in India, particularly in building threat intelligence. We stay vigilant by continuously monitoring and analyzing emerging threats specific to the Indian landscape. Our dedicated research and development center in Belgaum plays a crucial role in developing cutting-edge solutions tailored to effectively address evolving cyber threats.

Our flagship products, such as the AnexGATE Unified Security Gateway (USG) and AnexHUB, utilize advanced threat intelligence feeds and machine learning algorithms to detect and neutralize potential threats in real-time. For instance, the USG integrates threat intelligence from various sources, including global databases and local cybersecurity agencies, providing comprehensive protection against both known and unknown threats.

We invest significantly in research and development to continuously enhance our threat detection capabilities. By leveraging innovative technologies and methodologies, we ensure that our solutions remain proactive and adaptable to emerging cybersecurity threats in the Indian market.

Overall, our proactive approach to building threat intelligence, coupled with a focus on innovation and collaboration, enables us to provide industry-leading cybersecurity solutions that effectively safeguard organizations against evolving cyber threats in India. AnexGATE’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve in cybersecurity ensures that our clients receive the highest level of protection against the dynamic threat landscape.

TimesTech: How does AnexGATE assist organizations in digital transformation, and could you provide examples of successful network designs implemented by the company?

Mr Hitesh: AnexGATE serves as a strategic partner for organizations embarking on digital transformation journeys. Our approach to assisting in this transformation is multifaceted. Firstly, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of each client’s existing infrastructure, security posture, and digital objectives. This assessment forms the basis for crafting tailored network solutions that align precisely with the organization’s needs and goals.

A prime example of this is the Karnataka Secure Examination System (KSES), implemented by AnexGATE in 2017. KSES revolutionized examination processes by ensuring the security and integrity of PU examinations in Karnataka.

The KSES solution comprises AnexGATE’s Unified Security Gateway (USG) and VPN Concentrator, along with AnexSECURE CCTV surveillance systems. This integrated approach provides a robust network design that enables secure monitoring and management of examination venues. Additionally, the implementation of barcoding scanning and biometric attendance further enhances security and authentication, reducing vulnerabilities and ensuring fair examination practices.

One notable aspect of the KSES solution is its flawless track record since inception. Since 2017, there have been no leaks or breaches reported in Karnataka’s examination system, highlighting the effectiveness of AnexGATE’s network designs in safeguarding critical processes.

Overall, the KSES shows AnexGATE’s commitment to facilitating digital transformation through innovative, secure, and tailored network solutions that meet the specific requirements of organizations.

TimesTech: What background and vision drive Rahul Gupta, the founder of AnexGATE, and how has it influenced the company’s trajectory since 2004?

Mr Hitesh: Rahul Gupta, the founder of AnexGATE, bring with himself a visionary outlook that has profoundly shaped the company’s trajectory since its inception in 2004. With over 4 decades of experience in the Security and IT industry, Rahul’s journey began in 1980 at DCM Data Products. After working for Acer Middle East and setting up a company for Acer in India. Rahul established Smile Security and Surveillance Pvt. Ltd. (SSSPL) Under his leadership, AnexGATE and AnexSECURE were conceived to cater to various industry verticals, offering Unified Advanced Network Security + Secure Connectivity solutions and Electronic Security and Surveillance services, respectively.

Driven by a vision to develop locally manufactured international-class solutions from India, Rahul aims to provide access to advanced security and IT solutions, particularly tailored to the unique requirements of the Indian market. His focus extends to addressing the challenges faced by SMEs, educational institutions, banking, logistics, and various other sectors. Notably, Rahul’s involvement in Safe City projects in Taiwan and China highlights his commitment to promoting the MAKE IN INDIA program and empowering MSMEs and SMEs.

Rahul Gupta’s leadership at AnexGATE is characterized by a commitment to innovation, affordability, and simplicity. He endeavors to create sustainable solutions that add tangible value to industries while fostering a conducive work environment.

TimesTech: How does AnexGATE tailor its technology solutions for various industries, and what sets the company apart in providing integrated security and surveillance solutions?

Mr Hitesh: AnexGATE’s approach to tailoring technology solutions involves integrating surveillance seamlessly within network infrastructure, a hallmark of its commitment to comprehensive security. By leveraging AnexGATE ACE for secure internal communication and deploying multiple WAN inputs, including VPNs, the company ensures uninterrupted connectivity and real-time monitoring across all locations, regardless of geographical distance. This not only enhances security but also boosts operational efficiency by providing centralized control and management.

Moreover, AnexSECURE, specializing in high-precision security technology, offers scalable CCTV systems designed to meet the specific needs of each industry and organization. These systems not only provide enhanced surveillance capabilities but also contribute to risk mitigation and asset protection. AnexGATE’s tailored solutions empower businesses to address evolving security challenges effectively while adapting to their unique operational requirements.

Furthermore, AnexGATE’s customer-centric approach ensures that technology solutions are customized to align with industry regulations, compliance standards, and business objectives. By providing end-to-end support and expertise, the company enables organizations to navigate complex security landscapes with confidence, fostering trust and resilience in an ever-changing digital environment.