Anritsu & Quectel to Showcase 5G RedCap Testing Capability


Anritsu Corporation will demonstrate its ability to test emerging 5G reduced capability (RedCap) modules in its booth at MWC Shanghai 2023. The Anritsu Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A will be conducting RF tests on a Quectel 5G RedCap module.

The MT8000A will conduct call connection and RF parametric tests to verify that the Quectel module Rx255C meets 3GPP R17 RedCap specifications. The all-in-one Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A is a 5G base-station simulator for 5G RF and protocol measurements as well as application tests. It supports high-order 4×4 MIMO and carrier aggregation (8CA) technologies for fast, large-capacity communications.

RedCap 5G networks significantly increase 5G’s ability to support IoT solutions that rely on advanced features of 5G other than purely high speed. Ideal for applications that require high reliability and speeds typically between ultra eMBB and LPWA, RedCap will enable deployment of billions of new IoT devices and services, including wearable devices, AR/VR, industrial sensors, smart grids, and so on.

“As shown with our MWC Shanghai demonstration, Anritsu continues to support the advancement of new technologies with test solutions that help our customers be first-to-market with innovative solutions. Our MT8000A is a natural choice to verify Quectel’s RedCap solutions, as it has a proven track record of validating existing 5G modules being developed by Quectel,” said Yao Chaoqiang, Marketing Director of Anritsu China.

“Quectel’s new 5G RedCap modules feature superior wireless performance and low latency communication with 5G while providing significant optimization in size, energy savings, and cost-effectiveness,” said Andy An, Deputy GM of Hardware Department, Quectel. “These characteristics help drive the reach of 5G technology into a variety of new business verticals and mobile broadband scenarios. We’re pleased to work with Anritsu to validate this performance, which helps accelerate the deployment of RedCap in the IoT domain.”