Ansys Targets a 15% Carbon Reduction by 2027

Ansys aims to reduce environmental and climate impacts of its existing operations through careful consideration of resource use


Pittsburgh- Ansys plans to reduce the environmental and climate impacts of its operations by measuring, analyzing, and reducing resource use. The simulation software provider’s goal is to reduce scope 1 and scope 2 emissions by 15% by 2027, compared with its current 2019 baseline. The company also extends its commitment through simulation solutions that help users minimize materials waste, improve circularity, accelerate product development processes, and minimize physical prototyping.

Ansys’ environmental strategy focuses on reducing overall emissions and continuing to implement projects coming out of energy audits, including lighting enhancements and on-site renewable energy. It’s part of a larger effort to simultaneously lower emissions, reduce environmental impacts, and optimize operations.

The company continues to progress its product handprint initiative—reporting how Ansys enables customers to reduce their impact on the planet. Each product handprint, or use case, illuminates Ansys’ work in specific areas, including semiconductors, energy, digital twins and aerospace. Through its online documentary series—Earth Rescue—Ansys showcases the efforts of visionary customers that are innovating new solutions in the fight against climate change. New episodes of Earth Rescue will be released this fall.

“Through our environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives, Ansys is committed to driving positive change for our investors, customers, employees and partners,” said Janet Lee, vice president, general counsel and secretary at Ansys and head of its ESG program. “The pillars of our ESG program — advancing sustainability through products, investing in our people, operating responsibly and collaborating with stakeholders — ensure we can deliver long-term value for our business and our communities as we build a better future, together.”