ASRock Industrial Showcases Latest Edge AIoT Solutions at Japan IT Week 2024


Immerse in Japan IT Week 2024 with ASRock Industrial and many other industry experts with an assembly of groundbreaking innovations. These feature the latest Robust Edge AIoT Platform and Industrial IoT Controller products powered by the newest Intel Core 14th Gen Processors and NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX SOM designed for various industrial and edge AIoT usages. Another key focus visitors can witness is the on-site live demonstration of Smart 360° Object Detection. Powered by the iEP-7020E Series Industrial IoT Controller, this groundbreaking showcase leverages OpenVINO to facilitate AI inference with real-time image analysis. In addition to this, our exhibition will feature the latest Mini PCs driven by the cutting-edge Intel Core Ultra Processors, AMD Ryzen 8040U Series, and an array of upgraded industrial motherboards powered by Intel Core 14th Gen Processors and AMD Ryzen Embedded 8000 Series. We extend the invitation to you to visit our booth at 31-15 from April 24th to 26th in Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. 

ASRock Industrial is ready to present the latest range of Robust Edge AIoT Platform and Industrial IoT Controller, leveraging the power of Intel Core 14th/13th Gen Processors and Intel Atom x7000RE Processor, in conjunction with NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX/Nano SOM. The product lineup consist of the iEP-5020G, iEP-5010G, iEP-5000G, iEP-7020E, iEP-9030E, iEPF-9030S, and iEP-6010E Series. These Series are specifically designed for edge AIoT and Industrial IoT computing with substantial performance, flexible I/O connectivity, expansions, and rugged design for harsh environment. Additionally, we are excited to showcase a live demo of Smart 360° Object Detection solution powered by iEP-7020E Series. Connecting to ASPEED Cupola360 cameras, the demonstration captures comprehensive on-site images and enhances real-time AI image analysis through OpenVINO. 

You can also anticipate the unveiling of our Next-Gen Mini PC lineup: NUC(S) Ultra 100 BOX Series, iBOX Ultra 100 Series featuring Intel Core Ultra Processors and 4X4 BOX 8040 Series with AMD Ryzen 8040U Series. Moreover, we will showcase a variety of Industrial Motherboards powered by Intel Core 14th Gen Processors, NUC Ultra 100 Motherboard Series equipped with Intel Core Ultra Processors, 4X4 8040 Motherboard Series featuring AMD Ryzen 8040U Series, and IMB-A8000 Mini-ITX Motherboard with AMD Ryzen Embedded 8000 Series. These all-inclusive Mini PC and industrial motherboard products offer top-tier choices for edge performance, industrial AIoT applications, and many other AI PC potentials. Together, our products establish a new standard in computing versatility and performance, ready for future innovation possibilities.

ASRock Industrial is bringing diverse and innovative set of product development to Japan IT Week 2024 Spring, along with live demo solutions through the iEP-7020E Series Industrial IoT Controller. We extend an invitation for you to join us in the inspiring in-person experience from April 24th to 26th at booth 31-15 at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan to co-create an intelligent world with ASRock Industrial. To learn more about ASRock Industrial’s products, please visit our Website or contact us at Product Inquiry.