Avnet and AnDAPT Ink Agreement to Promote PMICs to FPGA


PHOENIX– Leading global technology solutions provider Avnet has announced a distribution agreement with AnDAPT, a leading programmable power management semiconductor company. Effective immediately, Avnet will offer AnDAPT’s programmable power management ICs (PMIC) globally.

AnDAPT offers highly integrated and programmable PMIC products specializing in powering FPGAs and SoCs. These off-the-shelf products offer ease-of-use, flexibility, high performance, and simplified inventory since only one silicon chip is used to program different power products. FPGAs and SoCs can often require anywhere from four to twenty (or more) different DC power levels. AnDAPT’s portfolio is uniquely positioned to address diverse power requirements using one PMIC. These proven hardware solutions meet disparate FPGA power requirements by providing power rails with specific voltage levels, sequencing, and performance required by designers to power their complex designs.   

In addition, several AnDAPT PMICs have been approved by AMD-Xilinx and are seeing accelerated worldwide adoption. See links for more information: Power Efficiency  and AnDAPT adds PMICs for Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGAs: embedded.

“AnDAPT’s programmable PMICs have a potential to be a game changer for the industry much like programmable logic devices (PLDs) and FPGAs integrated discrete logic components,” said Alex Iuorio, senior vice president, Business Development, Avnet. “AnDAPT’s programmable PMICs will provide Avnet customers with similar benefits as PLDs/FPGAs such as increased design flexibility and configurability, reduced part count and board space, and quicker time to market.”

“AnDAPT and Avnet are well aligned to drive and fulfill the rapidly increasing demand for AnDAPT’s power management products. Avnet offers extensive market coverage, world class supply chain services and excellent design-in capabilities that will accelerate the adoption of AnDAPT’s AmP PMIC-based products,” said Zaryab Hamavand, vice president of Sales at AnDAPT. “We believe AnDAPT’s power products offer tremendous benefits to Avnet’s expansive base of customers.”

For more information on AnDAPT’s s products available through Avnet, please click here