Avnet enhances IoTConnect with LoRaWAN and Amazon Sidewalk support on AWS


Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can quickly build intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) devices on Amazon Web Services (AWS) thanks to Avnet’s latest IoTConnect release. This full-featured release now incorporates native support for LoRaWAN gateways and devices as well as support for Amazon Sidewalk enabled devices. Amazon Sidewalk is a long-range, low-bandwidth, community network designed to connect billions of IoT devices securely and seamlessly. Avnet’s IoTConnect, a simple, secure and scalable approach to connected solutions, now provides a seamless “single pane of glass” user experience for onboarding and connecting these new types of devices.

Building on several releases of IoTConnect powered by AWS, this feature release (2.1) helps OEMs create IoT products with a broader range of low-power wireless technologies. IoTConnect now supports both traditional IoT devices that use IP-based networks, as well as devices that use LoRaWAN or Amazon Sidewalk* wireless networks. By integrating support for these additional low-power wireless networks, OEMs can manage all their devices within the same cloud-based user framework in IoTConnect.

Avnet’s IoTConnect platform is an evolved and simplified alternative to building a microservices-based IoT platform from scratch. Users can concentrate on their application and start capturing data insights from day one. The platform service provides an all-inclusive interface for device management, data storage, application development, and robust device and cloud security. IoTConnect stands as the unified interface for managing IoT devices across AWS cloud services.

The IoTConnect platform addresses the challenges that come with cloud-connected solutions like scalability, reliability, maintenance, and security, making it easier for OEMs to bring their products to market quickly and successfully.

“This incremental release of IoTConnect powered by AWS supports the ability for OEM customers to connect and deploy their products across multiple edge wireless interfaces. Customers that are building products that need longer-reach wireless connectivity can leverage LoRaWAN and Amazon Sidewalk support in IoTConnect alongside other local devices,” said Lou Lutostanski, vice president of IoT, Avnet.