Avnet unveils VE2302 SOM & Development Kit for AMD Versal AI Edge


The new VE2302 System-On-Module from Avnet is the first AMD Versal AI Edge SOM to be added to Avnet’s popular line of SOMs based on the Adaptive SoC family of AMD products. The VE2302 SOM is designed around a production-ready 50mmx50mm form factor with three Samtec AcceleRate HD connectors for mounting to a carrier card.

“Developers can use the VE2302 SOM as a prototyping and development platform, or as a production-ready module to reduce hardware development time and speed time to market,” said Jim Beneke, vice president Advanced Applications Group, Avnet. “This SOM is ideal for applications targeting optical object recognition, LIDAR and RADAR based detection, robotics, AI/ML, industrial control and automation, embedded compute and much more.”


Included on the SOM is AMD Versal AI Edge XCV2302 in a SFVA784 package with dual Arm* Cortex*-A72 cores, dual Arm Cortex-R5F cores, L1 and L2 cache with ECC, 256KB on-chip memory, 8 GTYP transceivers and 34 AI Engine-ML Tiles. There is also abundant memory with 4GB LPDDR4 SDRAM, 32GB eMMC and 512Mb OSPI Flash.

Avnet has developed an I/O Carrier Card for the SOM which supports interfaces for six MIPI (CSI2 or DSI) 22-pin headers, HDMI-TX, HDMI-RX, HSIO TXR2 PL expansion, USB 2.0 port, Gigabit Ethernet, PMOD and a MicroSD card slot. The carrier also includes a USB-C port for JTAG/USB UART, two CAN terminals, SYSMON Interface and multiple user LEDs, push buttons and slide switch.

The SOM enables designers to customize system interfaces and perform real-time signal acquisition and processing. It comes with a PetaLinux distribution, including an out-of-box reference design and is compatible with all AMD Adaptive SoC provided software. The VE2302 SOM can be evaluated using Avnet’s VE2302-DK development kit, forming a powerful prototyping platform.

The VE2302 Development Kit is specifically designed to support the VE2302 System-on-Module. With a kit a designer can evaluate the capabilities of the AMD Versal AI Edge Adaptive SoC based module with a combination of versatile peripherals. The setup helps designers to kick-start application development giving access to the complete feature set of the Versal AI Edge Adaptive SoC. The VE2302-DK is a combination of a VE2302 SOM, VE2302-IOCC, and power supply with an out-of-box reference design and downloadable Hardware User Guide, Board Definition File (BDF) and PetaLinux board support package (BSP) along with example designs to help developers get started, and to accelerate the development of a custom carrier card.

Avnet Embedded also offers design customization and manufacturing services for the VE2302 carrier board for OEMs needing quick time to market. Software services, including Linux BSP and driver support is available through Witekio. Avnet also offers several optional accessories for the VE2302-DK such as an HSIO M.2 Expansion module for extended memory or WiFi/BLE connectivity.

See it at embedded world

This board will be exhibited in the Avnet Embedded booth (Hall 1–510) at embedded world (April 9-11 in Nuremberg, Germany), alongside a range of new development boards engineered by Avnet Embedded, focused on edge-AI applications.

The VE2302 SOM (AES-VE2302-1-SOM-G) and the VE2302-DK (AES-VE2302-DK-G) will be available in Q2 2024.