Boyd Corp’s Newest Acquisition: PiMEMS, Titanium Micro Technologies

Boyd Augments Portfolio with Innovative Titanium-based Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMs)


April 6, 2019 – Boyd Corporation, industry leader in thermal management, environmental sealing and protection solutions, announced the acquisition of PiMEMS, an advanced R&D organization developing titanium micro technologies and ultra-thin devices. The acquisition is strategically aligned with Boyd’s commitment to innovation and support for next generation electronics.

PiMEMS brings intellectual property in micro and nano metal fabrication, specializing in titanium alloys, to construct metal-based micro devices. As product designers continue trending to smaller, lighter devices with greater power demands, PiMEMS technology will be invaluable in the design and manufacture of high-performance microelectronics and ultra-thin thermal solutions that can exceed evolving performance needs.

“Boyd is focused on investing in forward-thinking technologies that align with our customers’ goals and trajectories. Our customers are global leaders in their industries. Our mission is to not just keep pace with their needs and requirements, but to anticipate design bottlenecks and come prepared with solutions that guarantee future success,” stated Boyd CEO Mitch Aiello. “Industries from Aerospace to Mobile Electronics consistently push for higher powered devices in more streamlined configurations, translating to thermal management demands that are lighter and more compact with enhanced thermal performance. We’ve bolstered our market-leading R&D resources with a broad portfolio of titanium micro technology that enables higher performing thermal solutions that are lighter and thinner than anything else on the market.”

The addition of PiMEMS capabilities further augments Boyd’s already robust Research & Development activities in ultra-thin, high performance cooling. Dedication to innovation ensures Boyd can fully support customers’ technology growth plans and accelerated speed to market for next generation applications. The new team now operates within Boyd’s specialty thermal division, Aavid, where their capabilities complement and strengthen existing design teams and Boyd’s expansive technology portfolio.

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