Cadence is empowering sustainable future with Mission Sustainable Program


Cadence has a mission to help solve technology’s toughest challenges to make a lasting, positive impact on our world, highlighting the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and empowering employees to become ambassadors for sustainability both within and beyond the organization.

The launch of the Mission Sustainable program in 2023 marked an amplification of this commitment by mobilizing employees from every corner of the company to engage in sustainable development actively. This initiative underscores Cadence’s dedication to environmental care and its vision to cultivate a company-wide culture of sustainability champions.

Innovative Elements of Mission Sustainable

Cadence launched the Mission Sustainable program in 2023 with two key features: the “Live the Brand Sustainably” Quiz and the “Mission Sustainable Ideation Challenge.”

The Live the Brand Sustainably Quiz transformed learning into an exciting competition, deepening employee understanding of Cadence’s ESG efforts and spurring a spirited dialogue around sustainability. This educational contest has significantly bolstered internal engagement with the company’s sustainable vision.

The Mission Sustainable Ideation Challenge harnessed collective creativity by reaching out to our global team to devise innovative solutions in critical sustainability domains such as water conservation, waste reduction, and enhancing supply chain sustainability. Garnering over 150 ideas globally, the challenge culminated in a presentation before Cadence’s leadership, spotlighting the innovation engine driving the company.

A standout project by Indian software architects Gunjan Goel and Naina Dandona, titled “Climate Resilient Software Architecture,” clinched the challenge’s top honor, embodying the inventive spirit Cadence seeks to foster.

Nimish Modi, SVP and GM of Strategy and New Ventures and the executive champion of the program, highlights the foundational belief of Mission Sustainable: “Nurturing sustainability isn’t just a corporate responsibility; it’s a collective endeavor that requires the commitment and passion of every individual. At Cadence, our sustainability initiatives are about reducing our environmental footprint, innovating Cadence technology that delivers sustainability impact for our customers, and empowering our employees to become agents of positive change. Through meaningful engagement and collaboration, we are shaping a more sustainable future for our company and inspiring a broader culture of environmental stewardship.”

Charting a Course Towards Sustainable Excellence

The Mission Sustainable challenge has sparked engagement and participation throughout Cadence, encouraging collaboration towards achieving sustainability milestones. Cadence is forging ahead on its sustainability path, leveraging its employees’ diverse talents and innovative thinking, inviting all to be part of a greener, more responsible future.

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