CCDays Online and Devstories reaches 1.6 Lakh people highlighting dire need to upskill and build

~Successfully demonstrated that nothing including COVID can stop India’s software professionals and developers from growing, sharing & networking~ ~Cloud Security, ML & AI, Cloud Migration & Deployment within Multi-Cloud Environments, Serverless and DevOps to be 2020’s top 5 cloud skills in demand due to global pandemic~


New Delhi; 27 June 2020: From remote working to online party bashes, Cloud is giving stability and flexibility to the next normal of ‘everything virtual or online’. This new ‘Cloud Powered Virtual World’ is bolstering demand for skilled professionals in Cloud to take India’s virtual revolution to next level and leverage modern cloud and other technologies to mitigate the ongoing global pandemic crisis. KonfHub, a Bangalore based startup for discovering and hosting high-quality technical events successfully organized a big-bang virtual cloud community days conference backed by Microsoft Azure Team. Cloud Community Days conference highlighted Cloud Security, ML & AI, Cloud Migration & Deployment within Multi-Cloud Environments, Serverless and DevOps as the top 5 cloud skills which are going to be in high demand in 2020 considering the current situation.

Demonstrating the high level adoption of Virtual events and technical conferences in the country amid COVID-19 pandemic, Cloud Community Days Conference emerged as a massive success by reaching out to over 1,60,000 people across the country. Developers from all over India participated in this online event. 29 experts from Microsoft, Red Hat, and other top tech giants from across the world presented in this conference. With seamless live streaming on YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and Twitch, the event was supported by over 20 developer communities from across the country.

At the Cloud Community Days Conference, Ritesh Modi, Hon. Regional Director, Microsoft presented a technology solution to identify people wearing masks from images using Azure technology stack (in specific using cognitive services in the platform). Vivek Raja – a 15x Hackathon winner – presented a few interesting use cases of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which can be used to tackle COVID-19 effectively.

Talking about the growing demand for cloud computing, Hari Kiran Kumar G, Co-founder, KonfHub said, “According to a recent report by IDC, as a result of the spread of the pandemic, 64 per cent of the organisations in India are expected to increase demand for cloud computing while 56 per cent for cloud software to support the new normal. This transition will open a plethora of opportunities for cloud to take the lead in the new and informed world order. We are confident that the deep-dive tech sessions at Cloud Community Days Conference by renowned experts on disruptive tools and approaches will help businesses in near future to become more nimble and foster innovation by leveraging convergence of cloud infrastructure, AI & ML to innovate at an unmatched speed and scale.”

Developer Stories – a technical blogging contest from KonfHub & Microsoft – received immense response from Indian developers with over 80+ submissions. Many blogs showcased how new technologies and solutions can widely be used to mitigate the current crisis that India is dealing with. Liji Thomas from Valorem created a chat bot for the user to get reliable guidance on Covid-19 via voice. Leveraging the guidelines, tools and services available from Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Bot Service they planned, designed, built, tested and deployed CoVA – A Virtual Assistant to help with COVID19 queries. Anuraj P – Product Architect at Socxo talked about a COVID 19 chatbot which answers questions from the FAQ from WHO and CDC FAQs and can be integrated with different channels.

Addressing the significance of “Learn, Network, Grow” in the new world order, Ganesh Samarthyam, Co-founder, KonfHub said, “We are witnessing a great demand and traction for virtual technical events and conferences as they are great platforms to learn from experts. Our conference successfully aimed at up-skilling IT, software and technology professionals on cloud and other modern technologies. Blogs shared for Developer Stories contest will help other developers across the globe to scale in building solutions on Azure. We are overwhelmed with the astounding response and are confident that nothing including COVID can stop India’s software professionals and developers from growing, sharing, & networking.”

Cloud Community Days – the three-day virtual, developer-focused, single track conference – was sponsored by Microsoft. The sessions in these three days focused on Cloud Native, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, DevOps & Serverless as key topics.

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