CGD Presents Sustainable Future Of Power Electronics at APEC


Cambridge, UK – Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD) will present several papers at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC). It will cover strategic views on sustainability and deep-dive technology analysis. Executives from the company will chair two sessions. On booth 305, CGD will present demos using proven reference designs and evaluation boards. Further, it will present new and established GaN eco-system partnerships.

Giorgia Longobardi, Chief Executive Officer, CGD said, “The power electronics community and the wider world are now accepting that gallium nitride technology can play a huge role in enabling sustainable electronics solutions that are more efficient, have high performance and are more compact. At important international events such as APEC, we have an opportunity to explain and demonstrate our technology.”

CGD will present four papers at APEC:

21st March, 11.05AM-11.30AM – ‘An Overview of GaN Dynamic Rds(ON) and Quantifying Performance Benefits of 0V GOFF in Real Applications’, with Peter Comiskey, Director of Applications Engineering at CGD.

Tuesday 21st March, 11.05AM-11.30AM – ‘Meeting Carbon Goals with GaN’, with Giorgia Longobardi, CEO, CGD.

21st March, 1.30PM-2.00PM – Exhibitor Seminar: ‘ICeGaN 650V Power GaN ICs bring efficiency, robustness and reliability for high power applications to the next level’, with Giorgia Longobardi, CEO, CGD.

Thu 23rd March, 3PM-3.25PM – ‘A GaN HEMT with Exceptional Gate Overvoltage Robustness’, with

Virginia Tech University and Daniel Popa, Director of Innovation & Research, CGD.

Peter DiMaso, VP Business Development Americas will chair session IS19, WBG applications, at 8.30AM (EST) on Thursday 23rd March. Peter Comiskey, Director of Applications Engineering will chair session IS25 on Wide Bandgap (WBG) devices at 1.45 PM (EST). also on Thursday 23rd March.

On booth 305, CGD will present a range of demos designed to showcase industry’s first easy-to-use and scalable 650 V GaN HEMT family. ICeGaN H1 single-chip eMode HEMTs can be driven like a MOSFET, without the need for special gate drivers, complex and lossy driving circuits, negative voltage supply requirements or additional clamping components. The displays include half-bridge, 350W LLC, 350W  PFC, 65W QRF and 3kW LLC evaluation circuits, plus a thermal demo and an example of a 3kV photo voltaic solar inverter developed using GaN in partnership with Neways.

Andrea Bricconi, Chief Commercial Officer, CGD said, “It’s an exciting time to be a power electronics engineer, and CGD wants to engage with as many of you as we can, to hear your ideas and to share our technology.”