CIGNEX Datamatics Contributes to the Robotic Process Automation Community Through UiPath Go!


February 4, 2019 : CIGNEX Datamatics, leading provider of Open Source, Cloud and Automation solutions and services, announced today that it is now active on UiPath Go! – The New App Store for Automation. Along with marking a presence on the platform, CIGNEX Datamatics has recently created and contributed two components via the platform which will act as building blocks & facilitate enterprises in their larger RPA initiatives.  

The component ‘Am I Online?’ is a plug-n-play workflow that quickly verifies and ensures that Internet connection is available on the system running the bot. Installing this component will help users avoid any unnecessary exceptions during the workflow execution while saving time.

The other component, ‘Date Information – Workday or Weekend‘ helps to verify if the day is a weekday or weekend within the week. With this, developers can ensure that operations in the business process that need to be done on a working day or any particular day of week are carried out accordingly.

Enterprises today are looking to implement process automation the smarter way. Accessing and utilizing these components will enable them to accelerate their automation development process, thereby saving time and cost. A number of reusable components and process libraries emerging from various RPA implementations related to different business domains across industries will help achieve high automation ROI.

“CIGNEX Datamatics has always been committed towards giving back to the community. By these contributions, our aim is to assist in strengthening the RPA ecosystem and help organizations easily adopt RPA,” said Harish Ramachandran, CEO, CIGNEX Datamatics. “We will continue to build and contribute more such components which can add value and help organizations save time and effort during their RPA implementation,” he added. 

CIGNEX Datamatics had invested in RPA since 2016 and built a CoE with 30+ certified RPA professionals to help customers achieve their automation goals by solving challenges from process identification, RPA architecture design, workflow development and orchestrations and best practices implementation.