Evolution and Impact: A Journey of Innovation and Customer Success


Explore how, from its inception as a brand under Hostin Services Pvt. Ltd. in 2016, has emerged as a leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, delivering cutting-edge cloud solutions across diverse sectors.

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TimesTech: Can you outline’s journey since becoming an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and AWS Channel Reseller Partner, and how the company has evolved in terms of services and clientele?

Mr. Rahul: the leading brand under Hostin Services Pvt. Ltd., which was established in 1999.  The inception of as a brand occurred in 2016 following Hostin’s achieving the AWS Partner status in India in 2015.    Presently, Cloud. is an esteemed AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, AWS Channel Reseller Partner, Solution Provider, and Public Sector Partner.  We cater to a diverse clientele comprising large enterprises, digital-native businesses, and startups spanning various sectors such as Media and Entertainment, BSFI, and Edtech.  Our wide range of Cloud services includes Cloud Consulting and Advisory, Implementation and Migration, Reselling and Billing Services, Application Services, Cloud Managed Services, Cost Optimisation, and Resource Augmentation.  Our strategic vision involves expanding our offerings as a multi-cloud Services provider and SaaS Solutions Provider. empowers organizations with its Intellectual Platforms – Freedom (Multi-Cloud Billing and Management Platform), Cloud Advisor (Multi-Cloud Security Advisory Tool), Edge Insights (Edge Analytics and Intelligence) and VFORT (Secure Edge Delivering Platform).

Our team at is comprised of professionals who hold 100% cloud certifications.  The team’s expertise lies across Assessment and Migration, Edge Security and Bots, Application Development, DevOps, Data and Managed Services domains.

TimesTech: What are some standout projects or success stories where’s expertise in Cloud Solutions, including consulting, migration, and security, has significantly impacted clients’ business outcomes?

Mr. Rahul: 1st Example: India’s leading online megastore was utilizing third-party Content Delivery Network (CDN) and security services, but was not happy with the services. Security at the edge was a top priority for the customer.

We helped the customer in a successful migration to Amazon CloudFront service with the necessary configuration, which is helping them reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by approximately 25%. The Customer is enjoying the benefits of improved integrated security and extensive control over the security configurations.

2nd Example: The E-learning application infrastructure was hosted on shared servers with a web hosting company. The major challenge was frequent downtime with the portal. Load time for the portal was a lot higher and during peak traffic portal would become unresponsive. They were looking for a robust infrastructure capable of delivering a lot of video content to the kids/students.

We helped migrate the E-learning portal to AWS. Now with appropriate monitoring in place, the AWS infrastructure can be scaled as per the need and traffic meeting the business needs. All the content being delivered through Amazon CloudFront is rendered with a lower load time. The downtime challenge has been eliminated. The portal is now able to handle sudden spikes and is scalable. The Migration has resulted in nearly 100% uptime, low latency, and high end-user satisfaction. Customers have seen a 30% performance improvement.

3rd Example: A leading India-based global financial services platform was faced with scalability, data center capacity, security, and compliance issues. As a BFSI company, they deal with sensitive data. The customer was looking for robust security measures to address concerns about data breaches and regulatory compliance. There were organizational and resource constraints to scale up the infrastructure. Managing multiple database servers as well as providing security-as-a-service for server protection, data backup, etc. presented further challenges.

We have successfully completed the end-to-end setup in AWS infrastructure, achieving the required scalability and resulting in approximately 20% cost savings. Additionally, the security posture has been improved in accordance with AWS standard guidelines.

TimesTech: How do’s Intellectual Platforms like Freedom and Cloud Advisor differentiate the company in the CloudTech sector, and what specific advantages do they offer clients?

Mr. Rahul: Our intellectual platforms are – Edge Insights, VFORT, Advisor and Freedom. Edge Insights is a comprehensive SaaS solution for gaining deeper content delivery insights. It offers reporting metrics on media and content consumption patterns, aiding in tracking delivery performance, content analytics, and user engagement. Its near real-time analytics dashboard and user-friendly reporting interface empower businesses to optimize streaming content, downloads, and delivery efficiently.

VFORT, from is a rapid content delivery platform with unbeatable protection. This platform empowers businesses with a global, robust content delivery network that has in-built security features, besides threat protection, web performance acceleration, and optimization. VFORT has been built to provide its users with an effortless way to accelerate website, applications, and content delivery with security as the backbone and a simplistic pay-per-use model. Advisor is a cloud auditing tool delivering actionable insights on cloud infrastructure performance, security, compliance, and governance, leading to cost optimization and operational excellence.  It collects configuration data, identifies risk areas and provides a comprehensive view of the attack surface automatically. Advisor offers timely recommendations to address security vulnerabilities, performance issues, cost inefficiencies, and reliability risks within AWS accounts.

Freedom is a Multi-Cloud Billing & Management Platform. We are actively using it for our customers. It provides a single view of your cloud expenses across all providers, eliminating the need to manage multiple bills and simplifying expense tracking. This platform is Simplifying Cloud Management by providing a unified view and management console.’s intellectual platforms, Cloud Advisor, Edge Insights, VFORT, and Freedom offer several advantages to customers by tackling common cloud computing challenges with Enhanced Cloud Security, Improved Compliance, Faster Data Processing and Analysis, Reduced Bandwidth Consumption, Simplified Cloud Management and Data-Driven Security,

Overall,’s intellectual platforms can empower customers to leverage the full potential of multi-cloud computing by offering enhanced security, cost optimization, and simplified cloud management.

TimesTech: Could you share insights into the unique challenges and opportunities has encountered while delivering customised Cloud solutions to diverse sectors such as Media and Entertainment, BFSI, and Edtech?

Mr. Rahul: Delivering customized cloud solutions across diverse sectors like Media & Entertainment (M&E), Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI), and EdTech comes with unique challenges:

There are some Industry-Specific Regulations like,

  • BFSI: Strict data privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA) require robust security measures for financial data in the cloud.
  • M&E: Intellectual property (IP) protection becomes crucial, requiring cloud solutions with strong access controls and content protection features.
  • EdTech: Student data privacy laws (e.g., FERPA) necessitate solutions compliant with specific data residency and access controls.

In pursuit of offering the right expertise to our customers, we have acquired the relevant service delivery capabilities to keep up with the customer and market needs. Our versatile experience in hosting, data center, and managed services gives us an edge. 

Despite the challenges, we have unlocked a wealth of opportunities for enhanced security, Increased Scalability and Agility (It allows on-demand scaling of resources to meet fluctuating workloads, crucial for sectors like M&E with seasonal peaks), Improved Collaboration and Innovation (It facilitates collaboration within and across organizations, fostering innovation in sectors like EdTech), and cost-effectiveness.

TimesTech: What factors contribute to’s customer satisfaction and industry recognition? Any specific feedback or testimonials highlighting’s value proposition?

Mr. Rahul: At, we are committed to delivering personalized service to all our customers, including enterprises, SMEs, digital native businesses, and startups. With over two decades of experience in deploying and managing mission-critical workloads across various sectors, we have a deep understanding of customer pain points. We specialize in configuring tailor-made solutions that match their specific requirements and budget constraints. Working with customers in sectors such as e-commerce, financial services, and media, among others, on AWS, we have earned numerous endorsements from both our customers and the industry at large. As a leading innovator in cloud offerings, continues to set the standard for excellence.

Some of the feedback we have received from our customers,

“We wholeheartedly endorse as the preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable, scalable, and secure cloud solutions. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation sets them apart in the crowded cloud services market, and we look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come. The scalability of AWS allows us to handle sudden spikes in traffic during peak seasons without any downtime, ensuring that our customers can always access our platform without interruption.” – Edtech customer

“The level of support we’ve received from has been outstanding. Their knowledgeable support team is always available to address our queries and concerns promptly, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity for our business. The wide range of services offered by AWS has enabled us to streamline our operations and focus on innovating our core products rather than worrying about managing infrastructure.” – Ecommerce customer

TimesTech: Looking ahead, what are the key trends shaping the CloudTech sector, and how is positioning itself to stay ahead and meet evolving customer needs?

Mr. Rahul: Cloud computing is key for business competitiveness and innovation, transitioning from mere data storage to a driver of technological advancement.  In exploring the future of cloud computing, several key trends emerge. Integration of AI and ML within hybrid cloud environments empowers data-driven decisions and task automation, facilitated by cloud platforms for easy deployment and scaling, though ethical considerations remain crucial. Cloud computing acts as a catalyst for innovation, eliminating physical infrastructure costs and enabling digital transformation through technologies like IoT and automation. The demand for real-time data fuels the adoption of edge platforms, complementing the scalability and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing, thus facilitating peak performance and growth opportunities. Security and compliance are crucial in a cloud-driven landscape, prompting providers to invest in advanced measures while organizations integrate robust security policies. Additionally, cloud computing inherently supports sustainable practices, with leading providers committing to net zero operations to aid customers in reducing their carbon footprints. Overall, the future of cloud computing promises innovation, competitive advantage, and sustainability, driving continued growth and success in a dynamic digital landscape.

Considering these trends, at we are offering

  • Multi-cloud and Hybrid Cloud Solutions:  Cater to businesses seeking flexibility and the freedom to choose from multiple providers.
  • AI/ML Services: Developing AI/ML expertise to offer AI-powered cloud services for data analytics, automation, and intelligent applications.
  • Edge Computing Solutions:  Our proficiency in the security domain, in the CDN, Edge Computing range of services, sets us apart.
  • Prioritizing Security:  We have invested in robust security solutions and transparent data privacy practices. 

By staying ahead of these trends and offering comprehensive solutions, is effectively competing and catering to the evolving needs of its customers in the CloudTech sector.