Cyware’s Virtual Cyber Fusion platform drives change in security operations

In an interview with Jyoti Bhagat, Assistant Editor, TimesTech Buz Akshat Jain, CTO and Co-founder, Cyware shares about the company’s journey so far & its expansion plans.


TimesTech Buzz: Please tell us about Cyware’s journey so far about its solutions.

Akshat Jain: Anuj Goel and I founded Cyware in 2016 with a vision to shape the next generation of security infrastructure by connecting the various aspects of security operations through virtual cyber fusion. With our collective experiences in leading large technology and security teams, we realized the shortcomings of the reactive and manually-driven security strategies followed by organizations. The lack of security collaboration further compounded the challenges faced by individual organizations. Therefore, we set out to address these challenges and bring about a monumental shift in the security landscape by creating an integrated and streamlined virtual cyber fusion center that combines threat intelligence with security automation, orchestration, and response (SOAR) while fostering collaboration between siloed security teams, driving threat visibility, and instilling cyber resilience. We have built scalable solutions that are today helping several leading Fortune 2000s, National CERTs, MSSPs, Government Agencies, and information sharing communities (ISACs/ISAOs) adopt a smarter threat-intel and security automation-driven approach for proactively curbing cyber threats.

TimesTech Buzz: Explain Intelligent Security through Virtual Cyber Fusion in Cyware

Akshat Jain: Cyware’s Virtual Cyber Fusion platform drives change in security operations through the integration of disparate security functions and by leveraging the best of both human and machine capabilities. This allows security teams to form a smart, automated end-to-end threat management workflow that can curb various kinds of threats at each stage of the attack lifecycle. By providing comprehensive visibility and control over their cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid infrastructure, the Virtual Cyber Fusion makes the lives of security decision-makers much easier. Additionally, the infusion of strategic and tactical threat intelligence enables security teams to proactively mount defenses against cyber adversaries and rapidly identify and mitigate the existing gaps in their security posture.

TimesTech Buzz: How many use cases are there till date globally? Please mention the verticals too.

Akshat Jain: The Virtual Cyber Fusion platform touches all aspects of security operations, whether it be threat intelligence, incident response, security automation/orchestration, threat hunting, security governance, or others. It enables security teams to boost their incident response capabilities by creating automated response playbooks that eliminate manual, repetitive tasks and allow analysts to focus on deeper investigations. Cyber fusion connects the dots between an organization’s assets, including applications, endpoints, and networks, and the broader threat environment involving malware, vulnerabilities, threat actors, breaches, and more to derive high confidence contextual and actionable threat intelligence. Thus, cyber fusion helps proactively identify security weaknesses before they lead to a crisis and to form appropriate strategies and processes to deal with them. Security decision-makers such as CISOs, CIOs, and other senior executives also benefit immensely from the rich visibility and operational control enabled by a connected security unit under cyber fusion.

TimesTech Buzz: What is the Go-To-Market Strategy Cyware is following?

Akshat Jain: Cyware’s go-to-market strategy is built more as a go-to-customer strategy, where we prioritize building solutions to meet customer needs across the enterprise, National CERTs, information sharing communities (ISACs / ISAOs), and mid-market organizations. As business has changed and organizations globally and in India have experienced a rapid digital transformation, Cyware has taken the role of an organization, capable of delivering technology to drive the adoption of its Cyber Fusion vision via next-gen SOAR and threat intelligence solutions.

TimesTech Buzz: How has been the current situation affecting the business?

Akshat Jain: Enterprises of all sizes globally are today facing a challenging business environment with the pandemic-induced operational changes contributing to the risks posed by cyber threats to their data security, business operations, brand value, and much more. Amidst this distributed, remote work environment, the Cyware team has continued to scale its operations and innovate on its pioneering security solutions. Cyware has not just shown remarkable resilience but also maintained a triple-digit growth rate in the last three consecutive years with over 120 % growth in 2020. This has helped us garner immense trust from a group of distinguished investors, thereby allowing Cyware to raise its Series A ($10 Million) and Series B ($30 Million) funding within a span of just seven months during the pandemic. Cyware continues to witness exciting growth across all geographical regions and among organizations from all industry sectors. Cyware has also continued to grow its diverse talent pool with a 2x rise in team size during the pandemic.

TimesTech Buzz: Any expansion plans in near future?

Akshat Jain: Cyware is leading the way in building the next generation of security infrastructure with its virtual cyber fusion platform. Presently, Cyware’s solutions are helping Fortune 2000s, information sharing communities (ISACs/ISAOs), National CERTs, government agencies, regulatory bodies, and industry groups shape their security strategies with a proactive threat intelligence and automation-driven mindset. Furthermore, we have forayed into newer avenues by building the industry’s first dedicated threat intelligence solution for mid-market organizations with smaller or no security teams. We aim to maintain our rapid pace of business growth and product innovation to achieve our mission of bringing together cyber defenders through our cyber fusion and collective defense solutions which reaching out to more enterprises in India and help them counter advanced cyber adversaries with our virtual cyber fusion solutions.