Danisense Launches New Current Transducer With Large Aperture


Taastrup, Denmark- Danisense has announced the release of its latest current transducer. It is mainly aimed for automotive (EV) test benches and battery testing & evaluation systems. Featuring a very large aperture of 41.2mm, the DN1000ID current transducer enables power cables with large power connectors to be easily fitted to EV test benches allowing for quick changeovers.

The large aperture is an important advantage as test bench operators often face the issue that the power connectors fitted to the power cables are bigger than the diameter of the cable. This makes it difficult to fit them in the aperture of the current transducer. Thus, it often requires additional work to solve this issue. Comments Loic Moreau, Sales & Marketing Director at Danisense: “Our new DN1000ID device now offers the best compromise between the 1000A nominal current and aperture size by keeping the best measuring performances in accuracy and phase shift.”

Like all Danisense products the DN1000ID current transducers benefit from the high stability closed loop fluxgate technology. Further technical details include a linearity of 1 ppm, 5 ppm offset and a compact aluminium housing. Additional target applications for the product are power measurement and power analysis, MPS for particles accelerators. Further, applications include gradient amplifiers for MRI devices, precision drives as well as current calibration purposes.

Meanwhile, learn more about Danisense’s new DN1000ID  here.