Dell Introduced the Role of Emerging Technologies in Driving CIO’s Digital Transformation Strategy

CIOs must leverage emerging technologies to orchestrate companywide transformation efforts


New Delhi – 28 July, 2020Dell Technologies sponsored an IDC white paper to explore the need for CIO’s to innovate and create real digital transformation by utilizing the potential of emerging technologies like AI, Edge and 5G. If acted upon swiftly, these technologies can aid them and can lay the path to career defining springboards for future CIO’s.  

According to this white paper titled “Turning CIO’s Into Digital Orchestrators”, the next 5-10 years will bring about a huge change in the way businesses operate, transact and create value. New-age technologies will continue to reshape the way we work and conduct business, in the future.

Another prediction by IDC reveals that by the year 2023, globally more than 50% of IT spending will be directed towards Digital Transformation activities which is only possible if businesses have the proper blue print and strategy in place to capitalize on emerging technologies. Hence, the CIO’s of today need to acknowledge and accept this high-speed mission with high-stakes and future-proof their organizations.

In order to succeed in unleashing the potential of emerging technologies, CIO’s can successfully begin the transition to becoming a digital orchestrator by:

  • Shifting Focus to Use Cases – CIO’s need to shift from discrete technology specific focus to a business outcome centric focus. This will help them in understanding the exact strategic business priorities and benefits. It is also important to note that different use cases may share common business outcome objectives and can help the CIO in innovating and creating a successful and intensive use case roadmap
  • Developing a Vision for Emerging Technologies- Many IT buyers are intrigued by the idea of core enablers of autonomy like IoT, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence etc. There is a need to start preparing the ground for accelerator technologies – the next big wave of technologies which are yet to set their mark. These technologies are primarily 5G, distributed ledgers and AR/VR.  A CIO needs to strike a balance between these technologies, match them with the company’s digital roadmap and link with adequate use cases
  • Enhancing Skillsets and Transforming the IT Stack into a Digital Platform- Even if CIO’s are supported by the C-suite executives, there is still a need for them to tackle issues within IT. They need to expand their horizons and make a conscious decision to expand their thinking in business terms through mindset and structural team changes, acquire certifiable technical skills on emerging and ancillary technologies

“It is impossible to ignore the impact of emerging technologies on businesses in this day and age. Early adopters of these technologies are the ones who are reaping and will continue to enjoy its benefits. Hence, it becomes a CIO’s top priority to acknowledge this and work towards creating a successful roadmap for their organizations,” said Mr. Amit Luthra, Director & General Manager – Data Center Solution at Dell Technologies India. “We at Dell Technologies, have made a conscious effort to engrain emerging technologies in all our solutions so that we are able to provide our customers with the right combination of products that will help them in driving better business results with ease of operations & efficiency.”

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