Dell Technologies transforms GLA University’s IT infrastructure with its HCI solution


GLA University has selected Dell Technologies to support their digital transformation journey. With the implementation of the only jointly engineered hype converged infrastructure (HCI) system with VMware, Dell EMC VxRail, GLA University can now manage the most demanding workloads and applications to become future-ready.

GLA University’s IT infrastructure was not equipped to handle an overload of concurrent users which led to regular unscheduled maintenance checks and forced downtime of up to eight hours of server stoppage, and up to a minute for simple data retrieval jobs. To overcome this huddle, GLA University invested in individual servers and outsourced admissions that increased their IT investments, infrastructure manpower, and overheads significantly.

The University collaborated with Arrow PC Network, a Titanium Partner of Dell Technologies, to deploy Dell EMC VxRail that helped them deliver lifecycle management of a fully integrated hardware and software stack. It also kept clusters in continuously validated states and enabled workloads to be consistently up and running. Under the guidance and support of Dell Technologies, the project including full staff training was completed within 2 weeks.

Customer Benefits:

With Dell EMC VxRail solution, GLA University enhanced their savings in terms of manpower and training. The university has also reduced overheads (AMC, Electricity, Cooling units etc.) and diverted 80% of the team’s time to high-value tasks.The students and staff members now have ease of access to applications around the clock and face near-zero downtime even while working remotely.Dell EMC VxRail solution has reduced server issues by up to 90%. The solution’s self-healing capacity built-in with AI and automation has seamlessly shifted the load to another node. Moreover, by deploying this solution, GLA University is able to effectively manage the entire server infrastructure with only one team member, resulting in a drop of frequent visit to the server room to zero.

“We at Dell Technologies always aim at delivering the best in class solutions to help our customers to excel in their digital transformation journey,” said Mr. Amit Luthra, Director & General Manager, Storage Platforms & Solutions, Dell Technologies. “GLA University required a solutions that would help them cater to the needs of their growing workload. They needed a comprehensive solution to streamline operations and an effective single console alternative for their current server system. With our VxRail solution, GLA University has modernized their data centre and has become cloud-ready for the future. They are now able to meet any HCI use case including support for many of the most demanding workloads and applications as well as experience consistent performance.

“There was an urgent need for a comprehensive solution to streamline operations at GLA University,” said Prof. Anup Kumar Gupta, Dean of Academic Aairs, GLA University, Mathura. “We quickly realized that Dell EMC VxRail solution was the perfect solution to our problem. Within two weeks, the process of planning and execution including training our entire staff was completed. This is a true testimony of the first-class service and customer satisfaction provided by Dell Technologies.”

“In these uncertain times, educational institutions around the world are struggling to bring stability into their daily lives and when issues like server downtime comes into play, it causes challenges in the seamless functioning of the institution,” said Mr. Gurpreet Singh Bhatia, Managing Director, Arrow PC Network. “We are proud to have helped GLA University in their transformational journey. And, with Dell Technologies and Dell EMC VxRail, we are enabling students and faculty to improve academic performance.”