Deloitte to launch ready-to-deploy, subscription-based solutions on SAP Cloud Platform

Offerings can help accelerate digital enterprise transformation and reduce challenges of software maintenance in the cloud


NEW YORK, November 21, 2018—Deloitte today announced it has signed an agreement with SAP SE that will allow Deloitte to sell and support ready-to-deploy applications and digital services via SAP Cloud Platform—providing customers with an accelerated path for cloud-enabled transformation.

This agreement means customers can now access products and solutions from Deloitte—built with Deloitte intellectual property on SAP Cloud Platform, leveraging innovative digital offerings such as SAP Leonardo, and available on a subscription basis—with Deloitte assuming responsibility for enhancing, updating, and validating the products. Clients can adopt these solutions regardless of which core ERP platforms they use (including SAP ECC), and they can deploy any of these solutions as a “quick win” to demonstrate tangible value and the benefits of next-generation technologies.

SAP Cloud Platform is a “platform as a service” (PaaS) that delivers in-memory capabilities, core platform services, and unique microservices for building and extending intelligent, mobile-enabled cloud applications. The platform is designed to accelerate digital transformation by helping organizations quickly, easily, and economically develop the exact applications they need—without investing in on-premise infrastructure.

The new off-the-shelf SAP Cloud Platform-based products should make it easier for leaders to move quickly, strategically, and confidently, according to Darwin Deano, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and SAP chief technology officer. “Businesses that use SAP solutions can move immediately with capabilities for finance and logistics, with no need to worry about provisioning an environment or supporting and updating software,” he said. “The services and technologies are bundled on SAP Cloud Platform.”

Reimagining cloud, simplicity, and innovation

“These new offerings help businesses that use SAP solutions with the challenges of building and maintaining cutting-edge digital capabilities in the cloud,” said Abdi Goodarzi, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and US SAP practice leader. “Instead, solutions are on the shelf, ready for clients to subscribe and deploy, with Deloitte, a leader in SAP technology enablement, working behind the scenes to support and enhance them.”

“Deloitte is in the final stages of launching three SaaS applications on SAP Cloud Platform for managing cold-chain logistics, as well as an application for transforming the goods-receipt/invoice-receipt process, plus a solution for enabling risk-sensing capabilities for finance,” said Jan Waals, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and Global SAP practice leader. “These ready-made solutions come embedded with capabilities from SAP Leonardo —such as IoT and machine learning capabilities.”

The new ready-to-deploy Deloitte offerings can help:

  • Increase speed and simplify digital enterprise transformation for organizations across industries, enabling guided adoption of innovations
  • Organizations meet pre-defined service levels for infrastructure, architecture, capital expenditure, lead time to value, and operational support
  • Reduce the need for new skillsets (such as data science for machine learning applications)
Contributing to an ecosystem

“Our agreement signals an evolution when it comes to core ERP systems and the value of cloud,” said Vivek Rao, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and SAP digital transformation leader. “Many organizations understand that the future is about having a ‘clean ERP’ that is simple and unencumbered by so-called technical debt and that can add or shed capabilities as business needs dictate. SAP S/4HANA® digital core ERP supports that vision.”

“Building Deloitte solutions on top of SAP Cloud Platform helps us continue to build a thriving ecosystem of product innovations and capabilities for powering tomorrow’s enterprise in the cloud,” said Rolf Schumann, global general manager, platform and innovation, SAP. “As more organizations look to activate the intelligent enterprise with SAP and partner solutions, cloud innovation and speed-to-value will be critical. This agreement with Deloitte enables both—through simplicity and productized solutions from Deloitte.”

Under the agreement, Deloitte can sell SAP Cloud Platform assets as products, consumable as subscription services directly from Deloitte. Today, Deloitte has more than 50 planned assets in development as part of its Deloitte Reimagine Platform, a portfolio of solutions built around SAP Leonardo. Twenty-nine of these accelerators are available now, and as part of the agreement, Deloitte has converted three of them into products that are available by subscription through SAP Cloud Platform. The agreement also allows Deloitte to develop additional customer-specific solutions and make them available via SAP Cloud Platform on a subscription basis.

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