Digi-Key Announces Dedicated Solutions for Startups

Digi-Key has launched a microsite and manual, Startups Survival Guide 2nd edition in partnership with Startups Magazine, dedicated to supporting startups as they navigate their journey to success.


Digi-Key Electronics promoted their commitment to promoting the world’s innovation by launching a microsite and support manual dedicated to making startups’ dreams become realities. The startup site leverages resources, tools, and knowledge Digi-Key has assembled in working with thousands of startups per year. The manual, called the Startups Survival Guide, is the second edition leveraging Digi-Key’s partnership with Startups Magazine. Both resources follow the 10-step journey, from ideation and prototyping through production and support, and provide masterly curated success factors to support mitigate the complexities and navigate towards success.

“Being the engineer’s choice for early-stage prototyping through design and production, Digi-Key is uniquely positioned to share knowledge back to the startup community helping them navigate the particular challenges they face on their journey to success,” said David Sandys, director of technical marketing at Digi-Key. “Our engagement with tens of thousands of startups has enabled Digi-Key to learn ways around both common and more obscure pitfalls that hamper startups’ desires and aspirations. The new microsite and guide are two of the best resources to steer through those obstacles.”

On the startup site, startups will find all of the tools and resources in one location. It is centered around the Startup Roadmap, which is 10 steps of startup success that provide descriptions, tools, and resources for each stage. The Roadmap also attributes a video from Limor Freid, Ladyada from Adafruit on how she proceeds each of the stages. Based in New York City, Adafruit is one of the best examples of an electronics-based startup success story. The site has a Roadmap Dashboard, which is an interactive tool with steps, sub-steps, and resources for each of the 10 stages as well as an innovative tracking system to support startups complete all the important steps along the journey. The site also includes over a dozen other startup success tools for everything from Scheme-it, our back-of-the-napkin ideation tool to bill of materials (BOM) management, reference platforms, bare PCB ordering with PCB Builder and DKRed through our Marketplace offerings enabling visibility and sales through the Digi-Key website.

The Startups Survival Guide 2nd edition, evolved in partnership with Startups Magazine, has been updated to offer the latest proven solutions to common startup challenges. The guide is also divided into sections mirroring the 10 steps of startup success and is incorporates articles and know-how curated from successful startups and subject matter experts. There is no other way for innovators to learn their way through startup pitfalls than by learning from startups who have already gone through the journey.

“Together with Digi-Key, this guide can really help you navigate through your entrepreneurial journey as we go into great detail to explain what you will need, every step of the way,” said Anna Flockett, editor at Startups Magazine. “Speaking to industry experts and telling some insightful startup success stories, the guide is an integral tool to help you achieve your startup goals.”

While the printed version will be distributed to Startups Magazine subscribers and at select events, PDF versions can be downloaded by visiting Digi-Key’s startup website.

Both the startups’ microsite and the Startup Survival Guide continue to solidify Digi-Key’s commitment and dedication to enabling the successful realization of startups’ dreams, as they are the lifeblood of innovation.