DSCI and SISA unveiled a cyber report on ‘MXDR – A New Paradigm for Cyber Defense’


Data Security Council of India and SISA, a forensics-driven cybersecurity solutions company for the payments industry, launched a report, ‘MXDR – A New Paradigm for Cyber Defense’. The paper highlights the pressing challenges faced by organisations to manage security and introduces Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) as a potential solution capable of addressing the complex web of security vulnerabilities in the increasingly interconnected digital world. The report is an initiative to redefine the approach to cyber defense.

The collaboration between DSCI and SISA emphasizes on the critical necessity for cohesive action and shared insights across the cybersecurity landscape, encompassing regulatory frameworks and industry standards. This partnership is particularly crucial for mid-market organizations dealing with intricate IT infrastructures and limited resources. Navigating sensitive data management and regulatory compliance amid extensive network and cloud operations can be challenging, and MXDR can serve as a viable solution.

The MXDR report provides a roadmap for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and cybersecurity professionals to orchestrate a symphony of cybersecurity tools with MXDR, thereby converting challenges into strategic advantages for organizations. The unified approach of MXDR aims to both streamline alert management and maximize the efficiency of existing security investments. MXDR provides multiple benefits such as a unified platform to manage all security data, reduce alert fatigue, offer wider visibility across networks, simplify compliance and automate routine task freeing up time to focus on complex threats.

At the inaugural event, Dharshan Shanthamurthy, Founder & CEO of SISA, said, “We find ourselves at the dawn of a digital revolution, where the demarcation between the physical and digital realms is swiftly dissolving. In this age of perpetual connectivity and swift technological progress, the risks are unparalleled. Any delay in detecting and neutralizing threats could have catastrophic repercussions for organizations across the globe. MXDR emerges as forward-thinking strategy that transcends traditional security measures, equipping organizations to not just navigate but flourish amid the ever-shifting spectrum of cyber threats.”

Vinayak Godse, CEO of DSCI, during the launch, said, “Our digital world is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and so are the cyber threat vectors. As we navigate the complexities of hybrid and multi-cloud environments, it is imperative that we build capabilities that enable comprehensive threat detection coverage. We are happy to collaborate with SISA to delve into an emerging approach of building security operations to manage security threats, suiting enterprises, especially mid-sized organisations. As threats escalate in complexity, our joint efforts aim to simplify and consolidate key aspects of threat detection and response processes, bolstering defense capabilities for organizations.”

In addition to the report launch, SISA also introduced its cutting-edge platform – SISA MXDR ProACT which provides a unified dashboard that not only cuts through the noise but enhances insight, uncovering hidden threats and facilitating a defense strategy that is both integrated and robust. MXDR represents a leap forward in cyber defense, equipping CISOs with advanced orchestration capabilities that amplify their existing security frameworks. By consolidating alerts and prioritizing them intelligently, MXDR offers unprecedented clarity into the security landscape, empowering swift, informed responses to incidents.