element14 Community Announces ‘One Meter of Pi’ Challenge Winners


Bangalore, India : element14 Community has announced the winners of its ‘One Meter of Pi’ design challenge. Members of the element14 Community were asked to create a high-tech, sustainable farm within one square meter, or about 10-11 square feet. To help participants succeed, element14 teamed up with Raspberry Pi to provide 20 applicants with a kit featuring a Raspberry Pi 4 2GB single board computer along with multiple Pi accessories, including the Pimoroni PIM487 Automation Hat, PIM486 Enviro Hat, and the Pico HAT Hacker PC.

After 20+ weeks of designing, researching, prototyping, coding, and testing, with 94 blog posts and 46 videos created, the Grand Prize was awarded to Bruno Santos from Portugal who integrated Twitter, time-lapse videos, and the Raspberry Pi camera to create an effective hydroponic garden, which resulted in one of the most fruitful setups seen in the challenge.

The Runner-Up, Milos Rasic from Serbia, created an impressive multidisciplinary project, featuring a Nanny robot arm with 3D printed parts to tend to plants within an enclosure, interchangeable tooling and a robot for watering the plants; all controlled elegantly with a GUI and powered by Raspberry Pi.

To see all of the winning designs, and learn more about the element14 Community, visit: element14.com/1-meter-of-pi-winners