element14 Introduces Infineon’s MERUS Class D Audio Amplifier Solutions for Better Sounding Audio Products

Infineon merus

Bangalore, India, 13 August, 2019 – element14, announces the availability of Infineon’s MERUS range of Class D audio amplifier solutions, which use pioneering multilevel switching technology to increase audio performance and reduce power loss during operation. Infineon’s enhanced design and production standards deliver extreme reliability and stability for the entire product lifetime. The new range offers improved power efficiency, decreased size, weight, electromagnetic interference and lower overall cost than traditional solutions on the market.

Electronics engineers can use MERUS™ Class D audio solutions in a range of applications such as battery-operated speakers, wireless and docking speakers, soundbars, multiroom systems and home theatre systems. The MERUS portfolio includes fully integrated monolithic audio amplifier ICs, multi-chip audio amplifier modules (MCMs), as well as discrete audio amplifier driver IC and power MOSFET solutions, scalable to meet the most stringent and demanding application needs.

Infineon merus

The products now available from element14 include:

  • The MA12040P (for 4-18V supply voltage range) and the MA12070P (for 4-26V supply voltage range), suitable for battery operated speakers, wireless and docking speakers, soundbars and multiroom/home theatre systems, both feature an embedded digital power management scheme with an algorithm that dynamically adjusts switching frequency and modulation to optimise power loss and EMI across the output power range. Integrated digital-to-analogue converters enable digital I2S audio stream input. The amplifiers support sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz and offer protection against DC, short circuits, over-temperature and under-voltage situations. Flexible “power mode profiles” allow the user to utilise the multilevel switching technique for very low power loss or very high audio performance. Also available, for Analog input, are the complementary MA12040 and MA12070.
  • The EVAL_AUDIO_MA12070P easy to use audio evaluation kit contains all the elements needed to evaluate the highly power-efficient MERUS™ digital input multilevel class D amplifier 2×80W (MA12070P). The IC is specifically targeted for high-performance filter-less and heatsink-free audio applications and suitable for applications such as voice controlled audio and professional audio where it is essential to maximize dynamic range and audio performance while minimizing power dissipation and power loss.

Lee Turner, Global Head of Semiconductors and Single Board Computing, at element14 said, “Infineon is known for its pioneering solutions for audio application requirements delivered through patented architectures, proprietary algorithms, advanced manufacturing technologies, and extensive verification and testing. The MERUS™ amplifier solutions, now shipping from element14, provide customers with an unprecedented sound experience, designed to maximise power efficiency while providing best-in-class audio performance in optimal-fit form factors suitable for design engineers developing products for both, home or professional use.”

With recent technological innovations, such as multilevel class D amplifiers, which are designed specifically for superior audio quality and power efficient amplification of music signals, designers are enabled more than ever to create better products for their customers. We are delighted by element14’s support in raising awareness and distribution of our future-proof MERUS™ audio-amplifier ICs,“ noted  Jens Tybo Jensen, Head of Class D Audio, at Infineon Technologies.

Infineon’s MERUS range of Class D audio amplifier solutions are available from Farnell in EMEA, Newark in North America and element14 in APAC.