element14 Offers Complete Rohde & Schwarz Test and Measurement Product Bundles at Unbeatable Prices

Discounts of up to 50 percent are now available on Rohde & Schwarz’s value package range of high-quality oscilloscopes, power and spectrum analysers and power supplies until 31 December.


Bangalore, India, 27 August 2019: element14 has launched a new limited time offer to help cost-constrained design engineers, research establishments, manufacturing and educational facilities to acquire high precision test and measurement equipment, manufactured by market leader Rohde & Schwarz, for up to 50 percent below unit price.

Rohde & Schwarz system bundles, available as part of the discount offer, include oscilloscopes, power supplies, power analysers and spectrum analysers. Add-ons and upgrades, usually available at additional cost, are included within the price to future proof the purchase and reduce the need to buy additional components should testing requirements change.

Fully upgraded bundles from the Rohde & Schwarz value range available from element14 include:

  • The RTB2K-COM4 Bundle includes a Rohde & Schwarz RTB2004, 4-channel digital oscilloscope upgraded to 300 MHz bandwidth, with a 10.1″ high resolution 1280 x 800 pixel capacitive touchscreen TFT display; the R&S RTB-B1 option which turns the R&S RTB2000 into an intuitive-to-use MSO with 16 additional digital channels; the R&S RTB-PK -K1, -K2, -K3, -K15, -B6 application package and passive probe. The bundle comes in at 42 percent lower than the fully loaded/standard unit price.
  • The FPC-COM2 Spectrum Analyser is the only device of its kind on the market that provides the value of three of the most commonly used instruments on a Radio Frequency (RF) engineer’s workbench in a single package and is ideal for IoT device development. Buying a single multi-function also reduces calibration costs. The FPC1500 spectrum analyser is being offered with a 41 percent discount on standard unit price.
  • The HMC8015COM is a user configurable, dual channel power analyser and the first compact tester for AC/DC load and standby current characterisation that enables measurements without additional tools, such as a computer or remote infrastructure. In addition to a numerical and graphical display with 26 key parameters, the instrument delivers performance and compliance protocols in line with IEC62301, EN50564 and EN61000-3-2. It graphically displays harmonic analysis up to the 50th harmonic on the logarithmic scale and simultaneously displays up to 10-user configurable measurands with a refresh rate of 10 measurements per second. The HMC8015COM sets new standards when it comes to documentation and is available at up to 32 percent discount on standard unit price.

James McGregor, Global Head of Test, Tools and Production Supplies at element14 said: “Rohde & Schwarz is a leading provider of high-quality test equipment and power supplies which we can now offer to element14 customers at exceptional prices – in some cases, with guaranteed savings of up to 50 percent. This offer provides customers looking to purchase high quality entry-level and professional-standard Rohde & Schwarz complete solution product packages with exceptional value – as well as the benefit of receiving fully upgraded product models at no additional cost – future proofing their investment.”

For more information, visit : www.element14.com