Elevator based Access Control by Matrix COSEC

Matrix Elevator

Security issues corresponding to controlling access, is perceived as prime concern and a strenuous challenge in various sectors like Corporate Office, Manufacturing Units, BFSI, Healthcare and Hotels. These arduous challenges require meticulously planned access control strategies. Implementation of such strategies can be employed at exit/entry doors and at data centers. Along with the conventional approach, it is being enhanced with advanced features, to control access and improve security with Elevators.

Matrix offers Elevator based Access Control, which allows access and entry in the elevator using biometric or RFID card credential, only to authorized personnel, at allotted time and assigned floors.

Key Features:

  • Controlled Access for 32 Floors in One Elevator
  • Multiple Credential based Identification
  • Time, User and Floor based Access Control
  • Seamless Third Party Hardware Integration
  • QR Code based Identification
  • Secured End to End Communication
  • Multiple Communication Interface

For more information, please visit : www.MatrixAccessControl.com