ELGi Equipments Launched the LD Series

A Revolution in Piston Air Compressor Technology


Coimbatore, India June 11, 2020: Elgi Equipments launched the ‘LD Series’ range of lubricated direct drive reciprocating air compressors. With a low life cycle cost and quick return on investment, every LD series air compressor is backed by best-in-class performance for given input power, durable parts and a minimum number of service points.

Commenting on the product launch, Rajesh Premchandran, Director, ISAAME (India, South Asia, Africa and Middle East) said, “Customers in India are challenged with increasing electricity costs, limited industrial floor space and fluctuating market demand. Taking all of this into consideration, we’ve designed the LD series range of direct drive reciprocating air compressors. Unlike conventional belt driven piston air compressors, the LD Series is compact, ensures high performance, low decibel operation and ease of maintenance.”

Reciprocating air compressors have been a part of ELGi’s DNA and over the years, ELGi has developed application specific products to address a wide range of industry applications. The direct drive piston air compressor range is an outcome of ELGi’s focus on helping organizations across the world lower energy consumption and operating costs, while achieving their productivity goals. With a unique integrated motor and top block design, the LD series, a two stage reciprocating air compressor, offer customers a low life cycle cost while ensuring superior performance.

The ‘LD Series’ lubricated direct drive piston air compressors are best suited for application across the general engineering, automotive, textile, plastics, rubber and wood working industrial segments. These industry

segments specifically require high performing piston air compressors to meet fluctuating air needs and ensure energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and low noise compressor operations.

ELGi Equipments won the Deming Award for Total Quality Management in 2019, becoming the first global air-compressor manufacturer, to have won the prestigious award in the last 60 years. A pioneer in cutting edge compressed air technology with a presence in over a 120 countries, ELGi offers customers across the world a complete range of compressed air solutions from oil-lubricated and oil-free rotary screw compressors, oil-lubricated and oil-free reciprocating compressors and centrifugal compressors to dryers, filters and downstream accessories. With state of the art manufacturing units and a product portfolio of 400+ compressed air systems, ELGi redefines reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness across 2+ million installations globally.

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