Enea Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of AdaptiveMobile Security

and Two Decades of Protecting Mobile Communications


Stockholm : Imagine 20 years ago, when mobile operators were still building out 3G networks, Android and iOS were years from their commercial debut, phones were mainly used for voice calling, and in many countries, it was not yet possible to send messages between networks.

This is a stark contrast to today, with over 1 billion subscribers already connected to 5G and video accounting for around 70% of all mobile traffic. Messaging has reached a staggering 23 billion messages per day – with the typical millennial sending upwards of 100 every day, or more than 3400 a month. And while the majority of people still use their phone for voice calls, as many as 50% of calls are ignored due to the prevalence of nuisance calls, including robocalling, and with fraudsters now turning to messaging to exploit unwary subscribers, terms like “smishing” are starting to enter common parlance.

Enea AdaptiveMobile Security has been there every step of the way. Born 20 years ago in the suburb of Dun Laoghaire in Dublin, Ireland, and then incubated in the Guinness Enterprise Centre as AdaptiveMobile Security, the founding team pioneered key mobile network security solutions, covering signaling security, messaging security and fraud protection., And as cyberattacks became more sophisticated and international in scale, the global Threat Intelligence service was launched, where a combination of machine learning (AI) and analysts handle massive volumes of messages and signals every day to uncover anomalies and isolate credible threats from other noise.

The company is credited with the discovery of major threats such as SimJacker and HiddenArt, and brought them to the attention of the industry through active participation in industry fora such as the GSMA and Mobile Ecosystem Forum, which have likewise had a strong influence on how the mobile industry has identified and addressed emerging security issues.   

Today, as an integral part of Enea, the leading Swedish listed telecom and cybersecurity software specialist which counts as customers more than 100 mobile telecom operators, along with leading CPaaS providers, aggregators, software vendors, and government agencies, the company’s software is relied on by more than 4.5 billion people every day when using their mobile phones or connecting to the internet.

“We have thrived because of our unique ability to anticipate change and to develop solutions that enable our customers to stay one step ahead of not only their rivals but also the rapidly evolving and increasingly international field of cybercriminals and bad actors,” says John Hughes, SVP and Head of Enea AdaptiveMobile Security.

“While we have expanded internationally, we have kept our roots in Dublin, and we are uniquely positioned as a telecoms and cybersecurity specialist, which makes us attractive to key talent and a trusted and stable partner to operators worldwide.”

Through the acquisition of AdaptiveMobile Security in 2021, Enea broadened its telecoms and cybersecurity software offering, which also includes solutions for subscriber databases, data management, traffic classification, traffic management, policy control, Wi-Fi, and Internet of Things service management.

For more information: www.enea.com