Ethernet Storage Fabric (ESF) Market is expected to reach $3.05 billion by 2026

Global Ethernet Storage Fabric (ESF) market is accounted for $0.94 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $3.05 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 13.9% during the forecast period. Some of the key factors such as the quick implementation of Ethernet storage fabric, and require for basic records center association which is propelling the market growth. However, apprehension of merchant lock-in organizations conflicts to espouse new technologies which are hampering the growth of the market.
The ethernet storage fabric is intended to offer the most favorable and proficient storage networking solutions. It utilizes the elasticity and speed of ethernet for this reason. Quick deployments of multi-core servers and move in the direction of all-flash storage arrays contain initiate the requirement for high-performance storage space network. ESF operates on switches, adapters, and controllers to propose the required act, short latencies and nil pack thrashing.
Based on Type, the hyper-converged infrastructure is expected to account for the largest share in the market. Growing requires for commercial and extremely safe storage by enterprise and cloud service source information center for data storage are likely to stimulate the development of hyper-converged infrastructure storage. Furthermore, hyper-converged infrastructure storage integrates figure, storage, and network with intelligent and programmed software-defined data center administration scheme and software film, which defines the functioning aspect of that transportation. Therefore, hyper-converged infrastructure is the whole resolutions for an organization that contains a lot of invest in virtualization technology.
By Geography, North America is likely to rule the Ethernet Storage Fabric market throughout the forecast time. The growing implementation of higher storage space technology is the main factor to be likely to force the approval of Ethernet Storage Fabric offerings in North America. North America is likely to the incident a better footing as a major quantity of organization are possible to choose Ethernet Storage Fabric based devices and explanation for cloud services to keep their straight expenditure of construction advanced data centers for production continuity.
Some of the key players profiled in the Ethernet Storage Fabric (ESF) Market include Cisco Systems, Inc., Juniper Networks, Argo Technologie Sa, Vcinity, Microsemi Corporation, Mellanox Technologies, Ltd, Lenovo Group Ltd., Intel Corporation, Huawei Technologies Co.Ltd., Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, H3c Technologies Co., limited, Fujitsu, Fortinet, Inc., Edgecore Networks, E8 Storage, D-Link, Dell Technologies Inc., Arista Networks, Apeiron Data Systems, and Allied Telesis Holdings K.K.
Types Covered:
• Software
• Hardware
Devices Covered:
• Adapters
• Controllers
• Switches
Switching Ports Covered:
• 10 GbE to 25 GbE
• 100 GbE and Above
• 40 GbE to 50 GbE
Storage Types Covered:
• Object Storage
• Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
• File Storage
• Block Storage
Automations Covered:
• Telecommunications
• Government
• Cloud Service Provider Data Center
• Enterprise Data Center
Applications Covered:
• Power and Utilities
• Oil and Gas
• Mining
• Manufacturing and Processing
• Aerospace
• Other Applications
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