Ex-Pre-Switch CEO Bruce Renouard Joins University Engineering Board


Pre-Switch, the company that developed the world’s first AI-based forced-resonant, soft-switching technology enabling ultra-efficient DC/AC, AC/DC inverters running at 100kHz and above, has announced that CEO, Bruce Renouard, has accepted an invitation to join the executive board of the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas. Board members provide advice and counsel on a wide range of subjects, and are also advocates for the facility and involved in fundraising activities.

Renouard joined SMU’s engineering Co-op program where he worked at Rockwell Collins to gain real world engineering experience prior to graduating from SMU’s School of Engineering (Lyle) in 1983 with a BSEE degree.  His career in semiconductor sales and marketing spans both digital and analog semiconductors where he focused on markets that required improved efficiency such as power conversion, LED lighting, and e-mobility.  

Currently, Pre-Switch, the company he founded in 2015, is bringing its patented, AI-powered soft-switching technology to the automotive and other high voltage markets, resulting in significant improvements in system level efficiency.   Pre-Switch’s virtual elimination of transistor switching losses at a 10X faster switching frequency has demonstrated increases inverter and electric motor efficiency resulting in EV range improvements and lower system costs. The company’s CleanWave inverter technology is in late-stage evaluation at a number of leading car manufacturers.

Renouard comments: “It is an honor to be invited to serve at my alma mater. I am looking forward to helping new engineering talent blossom, and in turn, hope to be inspired by their energy and fresh ideas.”