Expands VR business with new opportunities powered by NetGragon 5G


HONG KONG, May 29, 2019 – NetDragon is happy to announce that as a co-sponsor, NetDragon has introduced “5G + VR / AR Innovation and Application Summit and Hefei VR Town Conference” in Hepei, Anhui. participated in. Under the “New 5G Vision, New VR Impetus” theme, this program was led by Hefei Fidong People’s Government. In addition, the project co-developed by Netfragan, Hefei VR Town, started its conference.

Located in China as the largest platform for VR industry development, Hefei VR Town, takes advantage of Hefei city’s technology, human and industry resources, and focuses on three key areas including VR / AR, virtual simulation and holography. , Whose purpose is to become a new Highland. 5G + VR / AR Industry Technology Application and Innovation In particular, a 40,000-square-meter VR experience center is located in Hefei VR Town, where viewers can experience the most advanced VR technology. As the origin of VR Town, this VR Experience Center will do the job of conducting and performing the education, software and course of the city, which will result in a regional education ecosystem. The major construction of Hefei VR Town was completed in March, and the VR Experience Center is going to be operational by the end of this year. NetDragon will provide VR products including hardware, software and resources for the VR Experience Center. The VR Experience Center project is the largest order in Netragon’s VR projects.

As a builder of online communities, NetDragon has always been at the forefront of Internet technology and has pioneered integrating VR / AR technologies and traditional education models. Its proprietary major educational products, including 101 Education PPT and 101 Mystic Craft, have greatly enhanced the learning experience. In recent years, NetDragon has established extensive coverage in the VR / AR industry, especially adding the upstream and downstream to the VR industry value chain, and therefore, its leading position in VR content, software and hardware product development and technology Has strengthened.

In addition to research and development, VR / AR is another important talent for the development of the industry. In the aspect of advanced education, to promote VR talent training, co-developed “National Education Elernity VR World Laboratory” by NetDragon has been established in many colleges in China. In addition, NetDragon has hosted the VR Competition of the National High Professional Student Skill Competition for three consecutive years, this year also the National Secondary Vocational School VR Business Skills Competition. Not only did all these make it a standard setter for VR talent selection, but also established its main position in the VR profession of national vocational education.

In the aspect of industry-university-research cooperation, NetDragon participated in the establishment of the National Engineering Laboratory for CyberLearning and Intelligent Technology in China, and cooperated with major educational institutions including Tsinghua University and Beijing General University. In abroad, while exploring further opportunities for NetDragon cooperation and practice, the immersive VR is involved in academic cooperation with Harvard University to examine the strategic vision of the academic experience. In the future, the company will cooperate with the National Head Laboratories, the leading educational institutions in China and abroad as well as the national industry associations in the establishment of a national platform for the production, distribution, exchange and business of 3D resources. NetDragon will provide platform to support China’s VR and 3D resource databases and platforms to maximize their contributions, with strong content support.

The advent of the 5G era provides strong technical support to increase VR experience and brings opportunities to more cooperation in different areas, which encourages additional sources of industry development. Apart from Anhui, Netdrug is also involved in the construction of VR bases in Fujian and other provinces. Hefei VR Town Project is an important step to promote the development of the VR / AR industry. NetDragon will continue to expand its VR business development and will fully enhance the integration of industry resources by utilizing its strengths and specifications, VR will accelerate the establishment of talent pool and will contribute to the development of the VR industry altogether.

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