Expediting Journey to an intelligent world with a 5G intelligent network


The 5G Evolution and Innovation Development Forum was held at the China National Convention Center during the 31st PT Expo China. One of the most influential ICT industry events in Asia, PT Expo China gathers thought leaders and specialists from all walks of the telecom industry.

During the forum, George Gao, President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line, delivered a speech entitled “5G Intelligent Core Network: Expediting the Journey to an Intelligent World”. By deploying a 5G intelligent core network, operators can better innovate and develop new services, and deliver differentiated experiences on flexible networks, so as to create stronger 5G business value and move faster in the pursuit of an intelligent world.

As the commercial construction of 5G networks continues to gather momentum around the world, some leading operators have already shifted their focus from network construction to operations. They are now encountering three major challenges: how to enable richer 5G services and applications, how to provide differentiated, superlative experiences, and how to build highly stable and flexible networks.

To help operators successfully charter these waters and overcome the aforementioned hurdles, Huawei imparts intelligence to the core network. As Gao noted, the 5G intelligent core network will take everything to new levels, including services, experiences, and networks, and unleash new value from 5G with intelligent service enablement, intelligent experience differentiation, and intelligent flexible networks.

Intelligent service enablement

To create new opportunities and growth for operators’ video services, Huawei launched the Vivision solution — a platform for generating immersive 3D videos. The solution enables 3D video streams to be generated automatically and intelligently for VOD and live broadcast, significantly reducing 3D content production costs, while allowing users to enjoy an exciting glasses-free 3D experience. To redefine voice services, Huawei built a New Calling Service Enabling Platform that provides the capabilities of intelligent media recognition, video processing, and real-time translation. This enables users to communicate more efficiently than before. And for the B2B sector, Huawei’s Mobile VPN solution enables enterprise users to intelligently and smoothly access and switch between enterprise intranets and the Internet, enjoying a more convenient mobile office experience.

Intelligent experience differentiation

To deliver and monetize differentiated 5G service experiences, Huawei introduced a network intelligence plane, which consists of three parts: intelligent experience analysis, intelligent policy customization, and an intelligent acceleration engine. Specifically, the service experience of segmented user groups is analyzed in real-time, and once this drops below a predefined threshold, optimization policies are triggered and delivered, based on which the intelligent acceleration engine senses and optimizes the related services. This contributes to a seamless service experience.

Intelligent flexible networks

Networks form the foundation of services and experiences, with the core network at the center. Recognizing this, Huawei has been devoted to helping operators build a flexible core network featuring agile delivery, high reliability, and an optimized experience. With intent-driven algorithms, the construction and adjustments of core networks are fully automated. In addition, digital twin technology is leveraged so that all network scenarios can be simulated, helping transition network maintenance from passive response to proactive prevention and ensure always-on services. Furthermore, deteriorated experiences can be intelligently identified, analyzed, and resolved, so as to improve user satisfaction.

Intelligent core networks will enable a myriad of applications and connects absolutely everything, helping operators unlock numerous 5G business avenues. Huawei will continue to cooperate with industry partners. Together, we will empower the core network through intelligence, enhance network connectivity, and continuously stimulate service innovation. With collective efforts, we will create a more prosperous industry and maximize the commercial value of 5G.