Experts Discuss the Future of Business at AI Conference by Nagarro


NEW DELHIDecember 22, 2018 – Nagarro organized its 4th LSD (Learn, Socialize & Disrupt) conference on ‘Practical AI: Future of Business with Intelligence’ last week at Pullman, NCR. The conference brought together leading industry experts in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning who presented cutting-edge ideas on practical implementation of AI. The conference was also attended by a number of passionate technologists working in AI/ML and allied fields in their organizations.

The keynote speaker Manoj Marwah, Partner, E&Y, talked about how AI will completely revolutionize the human lives. He said, “Artificial Intelligence has already transformed the way in which we work and play, the day isn’t far when human workforce will be replaced by computerized assistance.” The sessions by tech leaders from exciting new start-ups like KazaCam and Sqrrl Fintech saw them sharing insights on how to leverage AI to solve business challenges across various domains.

This was followed by a panel discussion on understanding the role of AI in the near future. The panelists discussed AI-related technologies that can help solve some intractable problems like improving agricultural crop yields and detecting diseases early. Interestingly, the panelists also shared their own journeys and explorations into the world of AI. For Mohit Mathur,  Practice Head at HCL Tech, the key was to experiment and create a few products on his own across a broad spectrum of AI use cases including NLP, self-driving cars and image processing.

The attendees also got a chance to experience AI in action through some interesting demos organized by the AI Centre of Excellence at Nagarro. “Industry insights and real demos from practitioners made this conference a unique learning experience for all the AI enthusiasts,” one of them summed up.

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