Finding Reliable Supplier in Chinese Electronics Distribution Industry


For any industry, the connection between the upstream and downstream of the supply chain is important. Distributors play the pivotal role of connecting upstream and downstream of the supply chain. So, finding a reliable supplier is a must. Industries in the downstream electronics supply chain face certain problems which include differences in upstream and downstream product procurement, mismatch in order size, supply order cycle and credit account period dislocation. Traditional electronic component distributors were able to solve these problems. However, as electronic products become increasingly diverse and complex, and the technical complexity of electronic components continues to increase, the role of these traditional distributors has become obsolete. This problem has increased the importance of technology-based distributors. The electronic component industry needs electronic component distributors with certain technical strengths. This is to promote the better application of electronic components in downstream electronic products. Further, these technology-based distributors can help manufacturers downstream to better exert components value. 

Moreover, technology-based distributors can help both the upstream and the downstream of the supply chain through their expertise. In the upstream, they can help the electronic component design and manufacturers to develop electronic component products based on the actual application needs of downstream customers. Since these distributors are involved in the industry for many years, they can provide abundant downstream customer resources. Additionally, they can provide upstream electronic component design manufacturers with promotion and downstream customer demand information. For the downstream, they can provide product and technical information along with good marketing plans and services. 

Ways to identify reliable electronic component distributors? 

There has been a proliferation of electronic supply channels everywhere. Just a simple model search on the internet can lead you to several sites. But there is still a lack of a reliable supplier i.e. a mall platform.

Like every other product, all kinds of refurbished, counterfeit, and shoddy electronic components are flooding the market. Current counterfeiting technology is so advanced that even with advanced testing equipment or even a professional third-party testing agency, it is difficult to completely distinguish whether it is genuine or fake, whether it is brand new or refurbished. Certainly, one can suffer a loss for his ignorance. It takes a lot of courage to purchase these components. 

Now the questions arise, what one can do for buying electronic components with quality assurance? Naturally, reliable and professional component procurement malls can help one with the purchase of genuine products from the source. 

You can consider the following points while choosing a professional and reliable electronics procurement mall: 

1. Check for the age of the company and whether it is an entity-operated enterprise. 

2. The domain name of the company.

3. Whether the company has a good industry and social reputation. This can be searched through offline communities, industry communities, and the internet. 

4. Whether the company has passed industry standards.

5. Check for the authenticity of all the relevant certificates that the company possesses. 

Performing all the above mention task is tedious and time taking. To help you out, we have identified one such reliable supplier. WIN SOURCE is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. They follow a strict quality management system to provide trustworthy electronic components. They also sell products that meet aerospace industry standards and medical device industry standards. WIN SOURCE observed the pain points in the procurement of electronics manufacturers in the automotive, optoelectronic, medical, automation and other industries. In order to break the information asymmetry in the procurement of electronic components and surpass the traditional service model of the supply chain of electronic components, WIN SOURCE established Asia’s No. 1 in 2012.  

WIN SOURCE Online Store ( is an overseas B2B e-commerce platform. It focuses on EMS, OEM, ODM and other factory customer groups in the electronics industry. Additionally, it integrates global supply chain data through a one-stop online platform for customers, so that they can solve the procurement needs at WIN SOURCE at one stop, and put more energy into the field of technological innovation.

The following are the advantages of choosing WIN SOURCE over the others:

1. One-stop purchase of more than 100w electronic components inventory, more than 3000+ manufacturer products

2. 24 hours delivery, 365 days warranty

3. The industry’s highest standard of quality system management to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of the goods

4. Relying on the Asian manufacturing powerhouse and our global supply chain system, complete the procurement plan at the lowest cost