Frost & Sullivan Webinar to Present the Top 50 Disruptive Technologies & Growth Opportunities Transforming Our World

Multi-billion Dollar Technologies Ready to Energize and Impact the Future for Multiple Industries


LONDONMay 3, 2019 – Frost & Sullivan, the growth partnership company, announced today the release of the Top 50 Emerging Technologies and Growth Opportunities, a comprehensive analysis of the most disruptive technologies that will impact the future of multiple industries, applications, and regions. Through a series of complimentary webinars, Frost & Sullivan experts Rajiv KumarTechVision Senior Partner, and Anand S, TechVision Vice President, will offer exclusive insights into key findings.

“This year, over 400 technologies were rated and ranked across several criteria like regional and industry adoption rates, global IP activity, private and public funding, global market potential, and others to create an innovation index. The top 50 technologies selected for 2019 have the power to drive unique convergence and catalyze wide-scale industry disruptions with far-reaching impact,” said Kumar.

For more information and to register for the briefings, please select a day and time to participate:
Thursday, 9 May, at 12:00 PM EDT:
Monday, 13 May, at 12:00 PM India Standard Time:

Key benefits of attending these events:

  • Identify new markets to target in health and wellness, medical devices and imaging, information and communication technology, advanced manufacturing and automation, energy and utilities, environment and sustainability, microelectronics and more.
  • Discover exclusive information on technology investment, licensing, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Gain insight into technology and product roadmapping, as well as converging possibilities for new product development.
  • Find out regional insight on technology early adopters.

“Increasing investments from both public and private entities and commercialization efforts in the Top 50 technology areas have revamped the start-up ecosystem across the globe. Start-ups are no longer clustered in Silicon Valley or New York. We see innovation hot spots gaining prominence from Shanghai and Beijing to Mumbai and Bangalore, to LondonBerlinStockholmToronto, and Tel Aviv,” said Anand S.

Join us to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the latest technology trends and how they come together to give rise to futuristic ideas.