FutureSkills Prime awarded 3rd position – PwC Survey


FutureSkills Prime recently featured in the Pact for Skills  Report by the European Commission. The pact for Skills Report is an analysis of  global upskilling & reskilling policy initiatives & best practices for the EU. PwC  conducted a survey and across 47 initiatives, FutureSkills Prime secured #3  position which is two steps ahead of SkillsFuture of Singapore, the gold standard  of national digital skilling platforms!  

In today’s job market, skilling and upskilling are essential for adapting to fast paced technological changes and improving employability. Diverse skill sets like digital literacy, data analysis, AI, and cybersecurity are in high demand. Skills thus  represent one of the key priorities for tackling the current and upcoming challenges for businesses, and countries.  

FutureSkills Prime, an initiative of nasscom and Ministry of Electronics and  Information Technology, Government of India (MeitY), is India’s Technology  Skilling Hub and it aims to transform the country into a Digital Talent Nation.  

This is a recognition of the initiative’s efforts in upskilling 6,30,000 learners with  industry-curated courses & connecting them to over 30,000 job opportunities.  By connecting the learners with the industry, employees & employers through  their designated Talent Connect Portal, FutureSkills Prime has been commended  for increasing the impact on the economy. 

FutureSkills Prime leverages the power of the collective and demonstrated how  competitors can collaborate with the right motivation. There are top companies  bringing their courses onto the platform – and the initiative is currently working  with 500 training providers and almost 1200 colleges to train and certify  candidates in technology. The report mentions how digital skilling is made affordable for all as learners can upskill in 10 of the most in-demand technologies  and earn incentives up to rupees 14,500, funded by the government. 

The report also mentioned the skills policy of India and how it stands out for its  focus on skill development. With ‘Skill India Mission’ as an overarching mission,  the Indian government initiated several re- and upskilling initiatives that aim to  develop practical skills, which are required by the industry. SSC nasscom, the  national standard-setting body for IT Skills set up under the aegis of National Skill  Development Corporation and Ministry of Skills Development & Entrepreneurship acts as a conduit to support the voices and build synergies  across the different groups of stakeholders it works with.  

This success is not only a testament to nasscom’s commitment to skilling and  digital skilling but also a reflection of the dedication to empowering individuals  and contribute significantly to the economy. 

Some of the key elements that supported in achieving the milestone are – 

No. 3 in Total Average Key Performance Metrics – In a compelling display  of excellence, FutureSkills Prime clinched the third spot in Total Average  Key Performance Drivers. 

Talent Connect Portal – The Innovative Talent Connect portal, facilitating  the seamless connection of skilled candidates with available job  opportunities, played a pivotal role in earning a perfect 5/5 rating in  categories of contribution to individual and economy.  

Kirti Seth, CEO – SSC, nasscom, expressed enthusiasm, saying, “We are  immensely proud of this achievement, which reflects the dedication and hard  work of SSC nasscom team. FutureSkills Prime remains committed to driving  innovation in digital skilling, contributing to the individual journeys of learners  and making a substantial impact on the economy. This remarkable recognition  highlights the effectiveness of our initiatives in empowering individuals, fostering  economic growth, and establishing FutureSkills Prime as a global leader in digital  skilling platforms.” 

FutureSkills Prime harnesses the collective power and showcases the potential  of competitors collaborating with appropriate motivation. The initiative provides  personalized course plans tailored to various proficiency levels, ensuring  learners engage solely with pertinent content. Additionally, the program  includes a competency diagnostic test for each learner, assessing their technical  aptitude effectively.