Gamerji CEO Soham Thacker Reveals Plan to Boost eSports in India


In an exclusive interview with TimesTech, Mr. Soham Thacker, the Founder and CEO of Gamerji, shares insights into the platform’s inception, its approach to curating tournaments, and plans for international expansion amidst the booming eSports industry.

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TimesTech: What inspired the creation of Gamerji, and how does it cater to the needs of aspiring gamers seeking competitive exposure and skill enhancement?

Mr. Soham: Being a gamer myself, I realized the gap of tournaments conducted for aspiring & amateur gamers. Unlike conventional sports, there is no set path to becoming a pro in the gaming industry. Gamerji was conceptualized to give aspiring gamers a chance to build their stats, showcase their skills, get scouted & earn rewards.

TimesTech: How does Gamerji curate tournaments across various titles to engage gamers while ensuring diversity and high engagement levels?

Mr. Soham: Gamerji has developed an automated system using AI to match gamers with their choice of game and skill levels. Today, there are more than 24 esports titles with diverse categories such as arcade, shooting, strategy etc. for gamers to choose from, which also results in higher engagement levels.

TimesTech: Could you share insights into Gamerji’s strategies for expanding into international markets and adapting to different gaming cultures?

Mr. Soham: Gamerji is currently present in 12 countries across Asia where we bridge the gap of cross border tournaments. The strategy is to create a single tournament engine which powers traction from multiple regions so that countries with high volume and purchasing power can be leveraged.

TimesTech: What opportunities do you see for brands to effectively promote their products through platforms like Gamerji, considering the growing involvement of brands in esports?

Mr. Soham: Gaming directly targets the youth along with high retention & engagement numbers. This makes for a huge opportunity for brands targeting the similar age bracket. Brands can engage with our platform in multiple forms. It can range from sponsoring tournaments, players or even advertise on gaming platforms.

TimesTech: What challenges do you anticipate in the esports industry, and how is Gamerji addressing these challenges while capitalizing on emerging opportunities?

Mr. Soham: The primary challenge that the esports industry faces is regulation & its differentiation from the real money games. Until there is a regulatory body that governs the gaming industry, these challenges will impact the industry. Gamerji is making sure to stick with its vision of promoting esports while not getting involved in real money or casino games. This allows the platform to be legally compliant across different geographies while focusing on its path to growth.

TimesTech: What is Gamerji’s outlook for the eGaming sector in India in 2024, and how do you plan to contribute to its growth? Additionally, are there any upcoming features or initiatives within the Gamerji platform that users can look forward to?

Mr. Soham: The eGaming sector in India is catering to over 300M gamers, making it one of the largest markets in the world and growing at an exceptional rate. Gamerji plans to introduce multiple features this year such as collegiate esports, enhanced stats & live steaming on the platform to boost gamer participation.


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