Global 3D Printing in Eyewear Market

3D Printing in Eyewear Market

According to a new research report pertaining to the global 3D printing in eyewear market, published by Transparency Market Research the global 3D printing in eyewear market is expected to reach a value of 1.2 Bn by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of ~12% from 2019 to 2027. According to the report, the global 3D printing in eyewear market would continue to be influenced by a range of macroeconomic and market-specific factors during the forecast period.

Advancements in Technology Driving Global Market

  • 3D printing encompasses several forms of 3D printing materials and technologies. A large number of 3D printing materials are used in 3D printing, such as polyamides, photopolymers, carbon, grapheme, and plastics.
  • Polyamide 12 (nylon) is a largely used material for 3D printing in glass frames. This material possesses durability and resistance, and is easy to be used in eyewear frames.
  • 3D printer manufacturers are focusing on specific technologies for 3D printing. Some of the largely used technologies for 3D printing are stereo lithography, selective laser sintering, material jetting, and powder bed fusion.
  • Also, the use of 3D printers in selective laser sintering for the manufacture of customized eyewear has been driving the global 3D printing in eyewear market

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Increasing Penetration of 3D Printing in Eyewear

  • At present, customers are looking for new and trendy fashionable sunglasses that suit their attire. People are currently choosing the type of glass depending on the occasion. 3D printing has provided customers with an option of designing their own eyewear.
  • 3D printing has become popular in eyewear and applications such as reading glasses, sunglasses, and sport glasses.
  • For instance, Glasses USA offers several categories of 3D printed fashionable sunglasses. Customers can even choose to add their names and phone numbers as per their preference.
  • Increasing demand for 3D printed commercial eyewear is expected to augment the global 3D printing in eyewear market during the forecast period.
  • Additionally, 3D printing technology introduces unlimited possibilities of designs, which is likely to augment the global market for 3D printing in eyewear in the next few years.


  • Manufacturers are investing in the launch of new products in the global 3D printing in eyewear market. Market players are gaining competitive advantages over other players with the launch of new products and investments through partnerships and funding.
  • For instance, Wires Glasses Ltd., a 3D printing in eyewear startup, announced an investment from True Ventures, along with the launch of its new collection of modular eyewear.
  • Carbon, a 3D printing company, has expanded its line of luxury eyewear products.
  • Furthermore, a few manufacturers of 3D printed eyewear have developed special finishing processes to deliver a smoother surface finish and more vibrant colors, while reducing porosity of the material. This, in turn, is anticipated to boost the global 3D printing in eyewear market in the next few years.