Global SCARA Robot Market To Reach $14.78 bn by 2026

By- Allied market research


Robots are gaining massive prevalence in both developing and developing countries around the world, owing to various factors, most prominent being rapid industrialization and persistent technological advancements in the industry. SCARA stands for Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm, and hence they are extensively used in minor robotic assembly applications, in order to speed up the processes and overall productivity of basic tasks.

Various companies around the world are adopting SCARA robots to significantly enhance the effectivity and speed of repeatability on pick & place tasks from one location to another. In addition, SCARA robots are incessantly being used across numerous industries due to the fact they installation of these robots can appreciably reduce injuries to the factory workers.

Furthermore, a great deal of cost can also be saved by the companies on installing SCARA robots as requisites for wages and salaries of the workers can be eliminated on large scale of installation of these robots. This is mainly because it would be a one-time investment for the company and increased productivity and repetitions of tasks can be taken place with minimal breaks compared to the conventional workers.

Due to these factors, SCARA robots are gaining massive prevalence in not only developed, but developing economies as well. The adoption of these robots is further set to surge exponentially with increase in the number of small and medium enterprises and large enterprises. Increase in disposable income among people, rise in consumer preference towards wireless technologies, and persistent improvements and advancements in specifications and features of SCARA robots further create remunerative opportunities for the growth of the industry. According to the report published by Allied Market Research, the global SCARA robot market generated $7.10 billion in 2018, and is projected to reach $14.78 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 9.8% from 2019 to 2026.

Numerous players of the market around the globe are launching innovative SCARA robotic products so as to effectively offer speed and repeatability for electronics and other various other manufacturing applications. For instance, ABB, a dominant multinational corporation engaged in electrification and automation, announced the launch of its new SCARA robot called ABB IRB 920T robot.

The company claims IRB 920T to be ABB’s fastest SCARA robot yet as it has an impressive cycle time of 0.29 seconds, and is about 14% faster than ABB’s previous IRB 910SC robot. This new robot is specifically designed to meet the intrinsic needs of the electronics industry for rapid production in extensively intricate manufacturing processes.

Antti Matinlauri, head of product management for ABB Robotics, mentioned in a statement that various companies across the globe are increasingly concerned about appropriately responding and meeting the rapidly changing consumers demands which makes SCARA robots an ideal option for production lines where quick and accurate performance is instrumental to ensure the optimum product quality.

Thus, introduction of new, innovative SCARA robots along with rapid technological advancements and rise in investment in robots in the coming years are expected to create ample opportunities for the industry.