GW Instek introduces PPH-1506D/1510D programmable high precision dual-channel DC power supply


The high precision measurement capability of both PPH-1506D and PPH-1510D achieves the maximum resolution of 1mV/0.1μA and the smallest pulse current width of 33μs that satisfy customers’ measurement application requirements of high resolution and pulse current. PPH-1506D and PPH-1510D are equipped with the excellent transient recovery time, which can, in less than 40μs, recover the output voltage to within 100mV of the previous voltage output when the current level changes from 10% to 100% of the full scale. PPH-1506D and PPH-1510D have a rise time of 0.2ms and a fall time of 0.3ms, which are 100 times faster than that of conventional power supplies. Therefore, PPH-1506D and PPH-1510D can provide DUT with a stable output voltage even when DUT is operating under large transient current output.

Unlike batteries, general power supplies, which do not have the characteristics of fast transient recovery time, can not maintain a stable power supply for cellular phone, wireless device, and wearable device which produce large transient pulse current load for hundreds of μs to dozens of ms when in use. PPH-1506D and PPH-1510D, different from general power supplies, have the characteristics of fast transient recovery time. While simulating battery to output pulse current, PPH-1506D and PPH-1510D can quickly compensate the voltage drop caused by pulse current.


  • Dual Channel DC Power Output
  • PPH-1503D (CH1: 0~15V/0~3A or 0~9V/0~5A; CH2: 0~12V/0~1.5A)
  • PPH-1506D (CH1: 0~15V/0~3A or 0~9V/0~5A; CH2: 0~12V/0~3A)
  • PPH-1510D (CH1: 0~15V/0~3A or 0~9V/0~5A, 0~4.5V/0~10A(Rear terminal); CH2: 0~12V/0~3A)
  • 3.5 inch TFT LCD Display
  • Built-in DVM Measurement Function
  • High Measurement Resolution (1mV/0.1μA for 5mA Range)
  • Current Sink Function (Maximum : 3.5A)
  • Pulse Current Measurement
  • Long Integration Current Measurement
  • Sequence Function (Sequential power output)
  • Built-in Battery Simulation Function
  • OVP, OCP, OTP & Temperature Display for Heat Sink
  • Support USB (Device& Host)/GPIB/LAN
  • 5 Groups of Save/Recall Setting
  • External RELAY Control

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