Hybrid Capacitors Now Available from Panasonic

Devices measuring ≤10mm in diameter available on very shortest lead time from world’s largest and most innovative producer


Panasonic Industry has announced that its hybrid polymer capacitors are immediately available. Max Jakob, Division Director EMEA / Device Solution Business Division commented, “It is well-known that hybrid capacitors have been on long 52-week lead-times. Now, any customer can have fast, easy access to our leading-technology products – especially the smaller 6, 8 and 10mm diameter products – without waiting.”

Reacting to the recent challenging worldwide market and supply chain dynamics in the electronics sector, Panasonic Industry has significantly invested and expanded the production of its in-demand hybrid capacitors. The company has increased its capacity five-fold over the last three years and expects to more than triple the current production output in the next four years.

Panasonic Industry is the world’s number one producer of hybrid capacitors, claims Jakob, both in terms of capacity and innovation, “We are continuously setting new standards by releasing capacitors with the highest capacitance and ripple-current rating, enabling design engineers to reduce size, and increase reliability and cost-effectiveness. Supporting our technology leadership, we are also determined to make this technology directly available to every designer – which is why we have made such significant increases to our manufacturing capability. In this way, we plan to retain our position as industry’s number one partner for leading-edge and cost-competitive products, across our entire range of hybrid capacitor product technologies.”

Specifically, hybrid capacitors such as Panasonic’s ZA and ZC series are now highly cost-effective, demonstrating Panasonics commercial as well as technology leadership. “We are eager to work with new and existing customers alike, and we are more able than ever before to address their needs and support their new designs”, concludes Jakob.

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