India’s Leading Tech Institute ‘IIT DELHI’ Trusts Videonetics



One of India’s most premier educational institutions, IIT Delhi, is sprawled over 325 acres of land. It houses classrooms, department buildings, laboratories, libraries, recreational zones and residential areas for students, faculty, and other staff, among other things.


As expansive and beautifully landscaped the institute is, it presented a massive security challenge. Until now, its measures were limited to the campus being physically manned by security personnel. Considering the size of the institute, having a few security guards was clearly inadequate and inefficient to properly monitor the entire premises, safeguard the students and prevent unsightly events. The need of the hour was an intelligent surveillance system that facilitate end-to-end protection by providing complete visibility of the campus, especially the entry and exit points, perimeter walls, and passages, as well as help instil discipline within the institute. 

And this is precisely what Videonetics delivered.


How Videonetics provided 24X7 protection to IIT Delhi

Videonetics worked closely with IIT Delhi and system integrator Supreme Audiotek to identify key strategic locations on the premise that needed to be secured. Approximately 300 high-definition network cameras were deployed to cover all vantage points and locations. These cameras covered entry and exits, boundaries of the campus, passages, playground, cafeteria, outdoor walkaways and lobbies of the various buildings, to keep in check incidents of bullying, vandalism, teasing, unauthorized visitors, and so on.

Videonetics AI-powered Intelligent Video Management Software (IVMS) 3.0 was chosen to support these network cameras to ensure efficient and seamless management of humongous video data. The enterprise-class solution helped to record, view and manage these cameras from its unified interface, providing situational awareness and actionable intelligence.

Vigilance and collaborative action

The hundreds of cameras deployed across the campus provides a comprehensive view of all areas to the security personnel manning the Command & Control Centre. With live video playing 24X7 on the video wall, they are able to ensure constant vigilance, spot unusual behaviour at any time and send alerts to the on-ground security staff for swift action. 

With Videonetics Intelligent VMS, security operators at IIT Delhi are proactively identifying, addressing and investigating incidents faster.

Robust data protection

To safeguard the privacy of students, staff and visitors, Intelligent VMS ensures that the highest possible standards of data protection are followed. In this respect, it has offered its multi-pronged security measures, which includes multi-factor authentication so that data is accessible only to authorized operators, encryption of data at rest to protect from cyber threats, video watermarking to discourage unauthorized use, and more. 

Smart investigation-friendly software   

With smart and user-friendly navigation of Intelligent VMS, security operators are able to monitor and evaluate live, as well as recorded videos simultaneously in the same interface, helping them to quickly investigate incidents in history, without losing sight of the current activities. That means when incidents happen, operators can quickly find, select such videos, and share them with authorized officials for conducting investigations without leaving their desks. Furthermore, the leading-edge Intelligent VMS also provides collaborative tools for the operators to exchange messages and share observations about any suspected activity by using in-built chat room of the software. 

Resilient and future-ready platform 

Lastly, Videonetics open, flexible, and resilient IVMS system can be evolved with the growth of the infrastructure, as well as seamlessly integrate with third-party applications and devices. Moreover, it is future-ready and can tackle all the challenges of today and tomorrow.


Boosting Safety and Confidence of Students

With the cutting-edge and state-of-the-art Videonetics Intelligent VMS 3.0, security personnel are able to efficiently monitor the entire campus round the clock. With live visualization, they are able to identify incidents and emergencies in real-time and respond immediately. Additionally, the knowledge that the premises are protected by cameras has brought down disciplinary and safety-related incidents.

The AI-powered offering also provides them with intelligent insights to help on-campus authorities predict and prevent events. For example, people crowding to fight, someone being followed, property being vandalised, unwanted people entering the premises, etc. This allows them to intervene in time and take preventive action before the issue escalates.

The intuitive, adaptive and user-friendly interface of the solution has made it very easy for the security teams to understand, learn and master the software. The solution is designed to complement the existing security systems and practices to ensure a comprehensive security infrastructure for enhanced safety of the students and faculty.

The Videonetics solution has boosted the confidence of students, parents, faculty, staff and others and made them feel safe at all times. It has brought them immense peace of mind, helping them focus on what they came to IIT Delhi for — learn and grow. 

Tarun Sethi, Manager – Sales of Supreme Audiotek Pvt. Ltd expressed “IIT Delhi wanted to install a surveillance system that can be adopted by their security personnel easily. Today, operators at the command control center are effortlessly using Intelligent VMS due to its user-friendly interface and advanced features. They are increasingly relying on real-time surveillance, monitoring, flagging, playback, and instantaneous investigation. Needless to mention, our partnership with Videonetics was one of the cornerstones that allowed the project to fly and succeed. We look forward to working with them in the future as well.

Mukesh Khandelwal, Institute Engineer of IIT Delhi saidWe were looking for a solution that could provide security to the entire premises of IIT Delhi, as well as help us administer discipline. The Videonetics IVMS solution was a perfect fit for viewing and managing extensive camera network covered all key strategic locations, enabling protection of students and faculty. Additionally, its user-friendly interface with advanced features made it very easy to monitor the campus 24X7, by empowering our existing security infrastructures.”