Infineon Developed New SECORA Blockchain Security Solution

Brand protection is buyer protection: SECORA Blockchain makes the origin and history of a product visible


Munich, Germany – Infineon Technologies AG has developed a customized security solution for blockchain applications that improves brand and consumer protection. The new SECORA Blockchain security solution is integrated into the branded product and connects to the blockchain via NFC technology – thus linking the real with the digital world. By storing information in the blockchain the manufacturer can document the authenticity of the product, feature a limited edition or demonstrate the sustainability of the production like e.g. its compliance with environmental standards. Consumers in turn can access the information stored in the Blockchain via a mobile device and an app.

SECORA Blockchain can be used for a wide range of products, from fashion and footwear to electronics or healthcare. At the virtual trade fair electronica 2020, Infineon presents the functionality and use cases of the innovative solution in cooperation with the block chain company block42.

The information about manufacturer and product can be stored in the blockchain as individual data blocks that build on each other. This can allow anyone to access the decentralized data register from anywhere. Besides origin, changes to the products, use of original spare parts or changes of ownership of limited collector’s items can be continuously documented.

However, it is also important here that access to the blockchain is protected to prevent data manipulation. In this way, the brand and reputation of manufacturers can be protected and the sale of counterfeits be prevented.

Further information is available here.