Infineon module and chip technology powers 250 kW PV solution

Sungrow SG250HX PV, 1500 VDC string inverter


Munich, Germany – 30 March 2020 – First introduced at Intersolar Europe 2019, Sungrow offers the SG250HX PV string inverter that features a high capacity of 250 kW. On board: customized EasyPACK 3B power modules from Infineon Technologies AG, equipped with the latest TRENCHSTOP and CoolSiC chip technologies. Supporting a high voltage of 1500 V DC and 800 V AC, the Sungrow SG250HX string inverter offers a maximum of 99 percent efficiency.

“Sungrow is dedicated to paving the way for grid parity across Europe with growing technical innovations. We are accelerating our global step to fulfill the corporate mission of ‘clean power for all’”, said Stefan Froboese, Technical Director at Sungrow Europe. “In this regard, we are excited to bring forth another disruptive string inverter technology to Europe, maximizing ROI for our customers at unforeseen levels.”

Added Dr. Peter Wawer, President of the Industrial Power Control Division of Infineon: “We are very proud to support Sungrow’s goals with our new EasyPACK 3B power module, which was just recently launched at PCIM 2019. Combining our Si and SiC chip technologies, this is another proof point for our strategy to turn from product thinking to system understanding. Proprietary know-how and production capacity in frontend and backend puts us in the position to realize customer specific solutions within months.”

Weighing only 95 kg with a dimension of 1051 x 660 x 363 mm 3 the Sungrow SG250HX boasts a power density of approximately 1000 W/liter. This not only makes it the most powerful inverter but also one with leading power density. Thanks to Infineon’s new technologies, the heat sink can be reduced in both size and weight significantly. Additionally, the Infineon products also enable weight savings by reducing the passive components through increasing switching frequency.

The system features twelve MPPTs (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and a flexible block design allowing for up to 6.3 MW blocks. This makes it an ideal solution for utility scale photovoltaic applications. With smart forced air-cooling technology, the SG250HX can operate at extremely high temperatures without derating.

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