Infineon’s digital sensor booth with live presentations from July 20 to 22, 2020


Munich, Germany – 15 July, 2020 – Infineon Technologies AG is continuing its virtual trade show strategy and will present the company’s sensor solutions live from July 20 to 22, 2020. The in-house digital trade show “Virtual Sensor Experience” (VSE) will focus on the automotive, consumer and industrial sectors. With 22 product demonstrations, 15 live presentations and a digital Makers’ Corner, Infineon will offer customers, partners and media detailed insights into its portfolio. After the live program ends on July 22, all information will be available on demand until the end of August.

Participation is very easy: After registering at, participants will receive an access code for the digital booth. From 20 July, they will be able to visit the booth in their own time. Products and application examples will be presented digitally and complemented by presentations, eLearning, infographics, videos, 360° views and useful downloads. The booth also has its own digital auditorium to host live webinars. During the presentations, visitors can ask questions and participate in discussions via a real-time chat function.

Focus products and topics

  • With drivetrain electrification, requirements for powertrain speed sensors are changing, for example due to the start-stop behavior of the combustion engine. Infineon introduces a new crankshaft sensor with a dedicated algorithm for hybrid powertrains. Furthermore, a new camshaft sensor reduces dependence on rare earths.
  • Functional safety is becoming increasingly important in industrial and automotive applications. Infineon has expanded its angle sensor portfolio and added new variants for different functional safety requirements to the GMR sensor family XENSIV™ TLE5014.
  • In many consumer applications such as joysticks and game consoles, space is constrained. Infineon introduces a new, extremely small 3D magnetic sensor. With a footprint nearly 90 percent smaller and an installation height nearly half that of comparable products, the new sensor opens up completely new design options.
  • Sensors enable “smart buildings” that can take on additional functions and thus increase the safety and performance of buildings and rooms. Infineon is presenting new applications in its smart building sensor portfolio, including social distancing in public buildings and predictive maintenance of HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems to detect system failures before they occur.
  • A reliable measurement for vital signs such as cardiovascular or respiratory functions is made possible by the compact 24 GHz radar chip. The precise detection and measurement of smallest movements is an example of “smart eyes” enabled by Infineon.

In addition to these highlighted products, Infineon’s VSE booth will feature numerous other solutions, such as inverters or drives for industrial applications.

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