Infinet Wireless PtP Solutions Used to Interconnect The Coca-Cola

Infinet Wireless PtP solutions used to interconnect the Coca-Cola Bottling Company offices in Egypt


Amsterdam, the Netherlands – Infinet Wireless, the global vendor of industry-leading fixed wireless broadband connectivity solutions, helped Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Egypt to proficiently interconnect its offices, having provided the reliability and steadiness of the links. The enterprise needed to interconnect 26 locations, so the Coca-Cola Bottling Company chose InfiLINK 2×2, a versatile and adaptable Point-to-Point solution, perfect for a range of applications. Infinet Wireless products caught the client’s attention because of their scalability in terms of the distance, as well as capacity, compared to competitors and taking into account the price and total cost of ownership.

The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Egypt is the largest soft drinks bottling company in the region, with more than 10,000 employees, executing manufacture and distribution operations for the Coca-Cola drinks in Egypt exclusively. The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Egypt endeavors to enhance every aspect of the product and package quality through adapting and maintaining the highest standards, strengthening the production and distribution systems.

The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Egypt is a joint venture multinational company, formed of more than 10,000 employees allocated among the Head Office, 5 manufacturing plants and 42 depot facilities all over Egypt. The employees are the most important asset of the company, as long as the business is built primarily on qualified people working as a team to achieve goals and maintain success and growth.
It was intended to set up a backbone scenario for the fiber and leased line connectivity. This backbone network was meant to be built with the aid of Telecom Egypt’s, the primary telephone company in the country, and its Fiber Optic Network. Broadband wireless access should be utilized as a last mile connectivity mechanism. The goal was to obtain stable and reliable connectivity of the branches as well as the timely support.

Wael Kenawey, the IT Network and Communications Manager at the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Egypt, responsible for the entire project, explored available options from different vendors and finally selected Infinet Wireless products. NextGen Communications, a well-known local telecommunications system integrator, was an intermediary partner who conducted consultations, comparing products and reviewing key features as well as prices. The implementation process, with all the negotiations and calibration included, was carried on in a three months period.

In the scope of those three months, the probability of establishing the connectivity with the help of Telecom Egypt central offices was estimated. Bearing in mind heights of the buildings and the interference they cause, the engineers successfully completed the project, launching the network between all the branches, without any additional training. Radio links built with InfiLINK 2×2, 1 to 8 km long, were deployed between all the branches via Telecom Egypt central offices. Each central office was connected to another one via VPN.

It was vital to provide smooth transfer of the critical data, having established the unalterable connectivity between all the branches of the company. Quickly deployable cost-effective solution was just the right thing to overcome the connectivity issue. Having it fixed, the client is planning to extend the current network infrastructure for better efficiency.

“Infinet Wireless offers products which, along with the design and support by NextGen Communications, succeeded to bring the magical blend of quality and cost-effective broadband wireless access connectivity that tackled all our requirements and met our expectations, helping have our branches interconnected across the whole country,”Wael Kenawey, the IT Network and Communications Manager at the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Egypt, commented.

“As part of the huge infrastructure development, Coca-Cola Egypt has started the digital transformation journey for its 43 links across the country. Following a full assessment of a number of vendor options available in the market, Coca-Cola Egypt selected Infinet Wireless solutions as the most advantageous solution to meet their requirements,” Sherif El-Shazly, Business Development Director at NextGen Communications, wrapped up.
Infinet Wireless’s deep experience of radio frequency innovation – and translating that into the real world needs of customers – ensures that its products combine unsurpassed reliability and technical functionality, enabling the delivery of truly flexible wireless networks with unparalleled quality of service.